Wednesday, June 9, 2010

'The Movement is Stronger Than Ever'

She was relatively unknown, especially on a national level. She was fourth in polling for the South Carolina gubernatorial primary. She stood for everything that Tea party conservatives stood for. She was against the establishment and stood up against the good ole boy network. After Sarah Palin endorsed her, she shot up like a rocket in the polls. Despite a vicious smear campaign against her, she continued to open up to a large lead over her opponents. She won 49% of the primary vote and just missed not having to do a runoff. In our effort to take back America, Nikki Haley adds power to our cause and immediately fills the void left by Mark Sanford.

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Odds are we will have a Palinista in the state house in South Carolina. Haley has gone from last place in the early polls to favorite to win the governorship. We all like to chalk it up as a major win for Sarah Palin - and it is - but Nikki Haley is a top shelf candidate in her own right. She's a Bachmann, a Demint, a McDonnell, a Christie. She stands on her own merit with Sarah Palin and Jenny Sanford simply providing the heavy ammunition that the Palin army now has ever since Sarah Palin left that miserable job she had in Alaska so that she could build herself into the national leader that she has become.

Haley is Palin's ideological match. The philosophy is what makes them great and their execution and articulation of that philosophy is what makes them win. Robbie Brown writes:
If she wins the general election in November, Ms. Haley would be the first woman and first racial minority elected governor of South Carolina. In a speech to supporters on Tuesday night, Ms. Haley said she has challenged the status quo — but less through her age, race or gender, and more through her political views.

“We said ‘no’ to spending, we said ‘no’ to bailouts, we said ‘no’ to backroom deal-making,” she said. “We said ‘yes’ to South Carolina not just being Republican, but becoming conservative.”

By tapping into populist anger and libertarian rhetoric, Ms. Haley has also emerged as a darling of the national conservative backlash against the political establishment.
The Palin army has a new field general in South Carolina. We understand the lingo and we understand the code. So when Nikki Haley tweets "Thank you to everyone that voted today, the movement is stronger than ever!" we know what she means.

Our movement to take back that shining city on a hill took a big hit when one of our biggest field generals, Mark Sanford, deserted his post and "wandered off the Appalachian trail." Having Nikki Haley fill that position is huge. I mean super intergalactic huge. Yes, Nikki, our movement is stronger than ever. And it's only going to get even stronger from here.

Read more about how last night helps the Palin army at Conservatives4Palin.

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