Monday, June 14, 2010

Mr. Obama: Tear Down This Wall

There is a wall that has to come down. It's the wall between the people and the government which needs to fall. The Obama administration is "thick" like oil and it's not getting through to them that moratoriums on drilling and pushing cap and tax are not the right answers to moving forward in the historical light of the Gulf oil spill. Like Berliners, the American people are preparing to take that wall down brick by brick, congressional district by congressional district, in November.

There was a time when everyone was comparing Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan. Then it calmed down because I guess everyone was getting tired of hearing it. But it's happening again. This time the meme is back, not because of wishful thinking or because of some charismatic way she delivered a vice presidential nomination acceptance speech, but because of glaringly obvious historical parallels.

You don't need me anymore to tell you that Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter and Sarah Palin is Ronald Reagan in this modern remake of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." It's out there now. Only, this time, Mr. is a Mrs.

Ronald Reagan has a Facebook page now. Many think that Sarah Palin's taking to the new media is a new technique which has made her almost a shadow president who critiques Obama's every move and puts forth her own ideas and solutions. But many are too young to remember or don't really remember what life was like for Jimmy Carter between 1976 and 1980 when Ronald Reagan used his version of the Facebook page: the newspaper and the radio. From the Panama Canal sale all the way through the recession and the Cold War, Ronald Reagan dogged Jimmy Carter in much the same sense as Palin has been dogging Obama.

Ronald Reagan made sure that during the period of 1976 through 1980 he was on the speaking circuit, using his writing ability to communicate his ideas and getting airtime on radio stations throughout America during a time when there was no cable news network. Palin's speaking gig does this for her. Palin's Facebook page is her Op Ed page. And her appearances on the Fox News Channel serve to be the radio broadcasts of Reagan's days - with clips appearing on youtube and pro Palin websites across the internet.

Not to tip off any potential opponents both within the GOP or the Democrat party, but if you want to know Palin's playbook, just study Ronald Reagan. She is putting together this bicycle strictly right out of the instruction manual.

So, it is only fitting that Palin would use her Facebook page to remind us that Saturday was the 22nd anniversary of Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall" speech. Ace of Spades HQ has the rest of the story.

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