Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dick Morris Explains the Conservative Wimp Factor

Dick, don't be such a wuss.

"But Sarah comes with a lot of baggage, largely the doing of the liberal, sexist media. It will be tough to beat Obama. It will be tougher still to do so while overcoming her negatives, however unjustified they may be."
-read Dick Morris' article here

This is where conservatives need to show their core. Why are conservatives like Morris wimping out because of "unjustified baggage?" Let's fight that. Let's not cower from that. Let's go after it and change minds that have been poisoned by the liberal media. In two years, Sarah can wipe that that out with a consistent message and no media filter. It can be done. People thought Reagan would get beat up because the press hated him too.

Let's get a set, conservatives, and throw the media to the curb by backing Sarah no matter what.

Read more here.

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