Friday, June 25, 2010

Cal State Stanislaus Thread (Updated)

Sarah Palin's speech is streaming on Fox 40.
UPDATE: Palin to speak at 8:30 PDT.
UPDATE: @HeyTammyBruce will be doing a Special Tammy Radio Report podcast including her speech for everyone. Everyone click on the link above for details and to respond with a tweet thank you to Tammy.

-ABC News 10 Sacramento: Sarah Palin Stanislaus St. appearance is money-maker

-CBS5 San Francisco: Sold-Out Crowd At Palin's CSU Stanislaus Speech

-Motivation Truth: Stanislaus Protest Planned, an Exercise in Futility; Updated

-Sacramento Bee: Full Pre-Speech Coverage

-The Yankees are going to beat the Dodgers tonight (sorry, had to throw that one in)

I'm waiting to find out what the topic is. I'm doing in depth research (I sent out a tweet lol).

Liberals heads will spin for sure. I'm guessing she let the media in because she's going to criticize them. If she can convince the non-Palinista that the media is just trying to destroy her, it will help her in the eyes of the general public.

The protestors mean nothing. They are protesting nothing. They're just kool aid drinking libs with no lives and nothing better to do. You can't do anything about them anyway. Especially when, after running out of all possible reasons to protest, they figured it would just be a general lie protest about Palin being a racist or a Nazi or something.

Rock on, Sarah. Break a leg (that's Californian for have a great speech).

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