Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Love Watching a Good Suicide

and other thoughts of the day

Shoppers at the local supermarket were notified weeks ago that Newsweek may no longer be available on the toilet paper aisle. It will either shut down or possibly be sold to a reputable organization that will hopefully raise the level of its content to acceptable journalistic standards. All the while, The other "Charmin" of the publishing industry has been turning out hit piece after hit piece on Sarah Palin, the Tea Party movement and, well, American citizens in general. Stacy Drake sums up the story here.

On Monday, Time "NewsFeed" online edition published a piece by Kayla Webley called "Facebook Group: Plug the BP Oil Spill with Sarah Palin." Karen Allen wrote a piece that details many of the disgusting comments left by the rabid members of the group, here.
Apparently, hate sites are all the rage now. All this positive energy about taking back the shining city and revitalizing America again doesn't seem to be taking hold in this market. So I'm changing course. We're going to put up a hit site that demands that the president be tried for treason and allow commenters to post racist and hateful things about him. We are playing by their rules, right? They won the last election, right?

Can I get a "Kill Baby Kill" from the crowd? How about he "be all chopped up and stuff first?" "Can we add anyone who would vote for" him "in 2012?" "Maybe we could hold" his "head to a windmill blade." These are not my words. Read the Facebook page where I got this from.

I'm kidding of course. Unlike those who spew their Palin vitriol, I am not consumed with that type of cancer eating at my soul. Besides anything that I would do with the intention of being hateful will only turn out to be humorous since I just can't sustain that kind of burn in my heart. My humor can be cruel, though. I sometimes feel like Palin haters are like ignorant cats and I'm just dangling a yarn string in front of them. They should give out avatars with clown noses for everyone who signs up on that Facebook page or any website where they want to post hateful Palin comments. To quote the girl on the Progressive Insurance commercial "that's cold."

The only solace I can take in watching my country go down the drain is that all of those losers will go with it.

But in the meantime, I'm laughing my ass off as Democratic candidates aligned with Obama are dropping like flies in the primaries and left wing publications file for bankruptcy or suspend their print versions to go online where there is a bigger audience of loons for them to attract.

One thing about the internet is that we get to see the good, the bad and the ugly. There is a huge groundswell of support for conservatism, conservative candidates and conservative writing online. This is a good thing. But, there are also child molestors, pornography sites and of course the usual keyboard lice that comes with a free medium. If I can find joy in watching Time commit suicide, sue me. This is not an attack on people who disagree with conservatism or Sarah Palin politically. This is an attack on the pieces of sewage who can't properly express themselves.

Oh, and by the way haters, if you want to feel your own hatred while we conservatives laugh, these are the cruelest words I could throw at you:

I Sarah Palin do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Now that's how you do it, son.

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