Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Sarah Palin Hits Just Keep on Coming

"Conservative" elites and intellectuals who think they can tear down Sarah Palin's potential presidential candidacy are getting much needed help from their friends in the liberal media. Yesterday, the hit pieces just kept on coming. These attacks on Sarah Palin are too coordinated to be believable.

It's an unholy alliance, but a revealing one. On Nov. 1, 2010, The New York Daily News pointed out:
According to a report published Sunday night by Politico, GOP heavyweights view Palin as a liability to the Party, especially if she does run for President in 2012.

"There is a determined, focused establishment effort...to find a candidate we can coalesce around who can beat Sarah Palin."
On Nov. 23, 2010, I wrote:
The Jabberwocky continues as the left starts to embrace the Republican Establishment’s “stop Sarah Palin” meme. In an article for Salon.com, Steve Kornacki suggests "Palin's poll numbers with the GOP base will only ebb if base voters are exposed, more than once and from more than one voice, to criticisms of her.” His liberally motivated column is aimed at Republicans suggesting that they plant “insistent reminders that maybe she's not suited to represent the party on its national ticket again.” By praising Matt Labash, Karl Rove and David Frum, Salon’s news editor presents a strategy to his liberal readership that encompasses the use of Republicans to achieve a goal that the liberals have been incapable of doing on their own.
Some Republicans are stupid enough to oblige. Politico unloaded today using Republican sources. New York Magazine tried creating a rift between Palin and Roger Ailes. Judd Gregg spouted off at The Hill. The Alaska Dispatch puked all over itself.  Matt Labash? A Joke. You can convince me that an earthquake, a tsunami, three nuclear power plants blowing up and a volcano are random acts of nature. You will never convince me that yesterday's hit pieces against Sarah Palin were anything less than a coordinated attack.

"The Right Wing intelligentsia has their sites aimed at Palin again and Rush [Limbaugh] seems mystified at their reasoning, The Right Scoop points out. "After all, he says, Obama is the real problem, not Sarah Palin."

It's understandable that the liberals’ fears are well founded since Palin is in fact a direct threat to their ideology. But, the “conservative” elites’ fearing her? What's that all about?

The liberals who trembled in fear as they dealt with the mental trauma they suffered during the 2008 vice presidential acceptance speech know that the Palin threat is real. After working under the surface for the last century to infiltrate the culture and the institutions, liberals found their spiritual leader in one Barack Obama. He was the foot on the throat of the conservative movement right up until the moment John McCain introduced Sarah Palin to us. From that point forward, the foot has been weak and the conservative movement has been revived.

But the "conservative" elites don't see this. As Rush Limbaugh pointed out in October 2008:
These are the people who are embarrassed by Sarah Palin 'cause she's not an intellectual and she didn't go to Harvard or have a college degree from approved universities and she drops her g's from words like morning and says mornin'. She's embarrassing, and I think something else really bothering these people is that they believe that she may become one of the key leaders of the conservative movement beyond 2008 if she and McCain lose this.
The George Wills, Peggy Noonans,Karl Roves, David Frums and Pete Wehners of the world found conservativism to be a very comfortable cloak for them to remain intellectually relevant in a center-right country that appeared to be tilting more to the left (the key word being appeared) until Sarah Palin came along and rocked the boat. The snobbish elites would rather claim control of the ideas as opposed to being the proper articulators of them, especially when it requires the discomfort of unconventional action in the face of an unconventional progressive movement. They prefer to be the independent carriers of a generic brand of water that still tastes better than liberalism, even if it isn’t the real thing for some.

Mark Levin makes it clear where some of these "conservatives" stood years ago.
George Will missed the Reagan Revolution not only in 1976 but as late as 1980.  In the 1979 Republican Presidential Primary, his first choice was Howard Baker, his second choice was George H. W. Bush, and his third choice was Reagan... Charles Krauthammer was not only wrong about Reagan, as late as 1980 he was a speech-writer for Vice President Walter Mondale.
These “conservatives”are deluded because they forget that, like Palin, Reagan was from the unwashed masses. He spoke in simplistic yet emotional stories which tugged at the populist heart strings of a country that yearned more for chickens in pots and cars in driveways than long drawn out intellectual conversations at the dinner table. Yet, conservative intellectualism thrived in response to Reagan’s election and enactment of policy. It was during Reagan’s first term that detailed oriented thought and thesis was given to things like supply side economics, peace through strength and economic libertarianism.

"This year, the conservative intelligentsia doesn’t just tend to dislike Palin — many fear that her rise would represent the triumph of an intellectually empty brand of populism and the death of ideas as an engine of the right," writes Jonathan Martin and John F. Harris. That's simply laughable. Ridiculous.

Palin doesn't represent the death of ideas. She represents the end of those conservatives in name only who will side with the liberal enemy to protect their status.

Despite their abilities to bring conservative thought to the Sunday morning talk shows and to newspaper columns, these so-called intellectual "priests of the temples of conservatism" have been completely impotent in their ability to control the dialogue or motivate the people enough to prevent the watering down of the philosophy under both Bushes and the complete misuse of it during the triangulation of Bill Clinton.

Nothing has changed about the basic fundamentals of liberty and national strength. The "conservative" elites hold no deep secrets that the regular person can’t figure out on his or her own. The success of the United States will always depend on the grace of God, the cohesion of the family and the unlimited opportunities provided by a free market system. George Will cannot convince us that Palin will change that just as much as George Soros can't convince us that those principals don’t work.

This is a last ditch effort on the part of the "conservative" elites to take down Sarah Palin. Anyone on the right who thinks that running another smear campaign against her will work are idiots. In all of their "intellectual capacity," they have not learned from their political bedmate liberals that the symptoms of Palin Derangement Syndrome more negatively affect those who are afflicted with it than it does their target. The PDS inflicted walk around with the sores of being exposed as the negative disillusioned naysayers that they always were. They fight it; but Palin's political muscles are conditioned and strengthened beyond any fear the intellectual elite may have about her lack of gravitas and intellectual capacity.

Of course these intellectual "power brokers" won't address the articulation of ideas in Palin's America By Heart, her op eds and her Facebook notes. To do so would mean they would have to invalidate their argument against her by citing a depth of conservative thought they claim she doesn't have.

They don't want to beat Obama. They only want to preserve themselves at Sarah Palin's expense.

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  1. Reagan spoke in simplistic stories because he had Alzheimer's the entire time he was in office. Palin has no excuse. She is an empty headed bimbo. Her self esteem is fine, much higher than it should be. She's surrounded herself with butt kissers who will praise her when she does whatever she wants, which is hide behind Fox News and computer taking nasty little snipes at her betters over petty crap. She's the biggest chicken shit I've ever seen in politics.


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