Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When they vilify conservatives, they vilify themselves

Protests portraying the President as as Hitler. Right wing racism. Fascist tactics. The implementation of a theocracy. A foreign policy that results in the deaths of thousands of civilians. Policies that favor the rich. The running up of massive deficits. The establishment of a police state. The destruction of the environment. Advocating violence against political opponents. Does this sound like the carping of liberals since the 1960's? It sure does. But these complaints make a much better rallying cry for conservatives.

Conservatives are accused of all these things. They are accused of being extremists, racists, bigots, violent and whatever other term the Left wants to use. But truth be it know, the outrage on the Left is in fact a direct result of their tactics being reflected back at them. The Right is frustrating them to the point of rage.

For the last two and a half years, it's been the Right which has been marching on Washington. It's been conservatives infiltrating social media and the blogosphere with harsh attacks on a president who once had a campaign advisor who encouraged a bunch of loony bloggers in Alaska to smear a vice presidential candidate. It's a time when people are talking about birth certificates instead of talking about 9/11 conspiracy theories. Someone was accused of lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq once. Today, someone is accused of lying about lack of mass production, particularly when it comes to the drilling of oil.

There is nothing that throws a maniacal liberal into a full fledged rage than being called ugly, divisive, vitriolic and racist. So, when those on the right make fun of Michelle Obama's thighs, use rhetoric like "death panel" to chew up the liberals' health care proposals, talk passionately at Tea Party rallies about a communist president or dare to express outrage at a black president because of his policies, you can rest assured that the response will be that the kitchen sink of accusations will be thrown at Sarah Palin for putting cross hairs on a map or that Andrew Breitbart will be the recipient of gay slurs from what was once thought of as a "tolerant group."

Do you know why?

They're pissed. They hate it that we can play their game better than they can. They hate it that no one can produce a tape of someone saying something racist at a Tea Party rally, yet conservatives can roll out video after video of them being racist and inciting violence. We have union thugs all over youtube in their own words and in their own pictures pushing a woman, cursing at peaceful Tea Partiers and threatening to break a reporter's neck. Yet, thousands of Tea Parties have been conducted over the past two years and what do they have? A picture of some guy holding up a sign with a picture of Obama with a Hitler moustache. Whoopti do.

It's a tribute to the non-violent nature of the Tea Party that they are able to beat the liberals on their own field (remember, they're in power and they own the mainstream media) with no one getting hurt or having to be dragged out by the cops at their rallies. It's got to suck knowing that conservatives protest better than they do. It really has to burn them that no one respects their "intellectual superiority." There is no respect for stupidity guised as superiority.

It's a clear smackdown on the hypocrisy of the Left that they project their vomit on us, yet we remain clean and they remain covered in it.

The Right is smarter and swifter than they are. No one on the right has had to blow up a police station, burn a flag, act in an unpatriotic manner, fire a shot or throw a punch. Yet, they're getting closer and closer to regaining power while the Left continues to act like the goons they always have been since they were on the other side of the police barriers. You can clean 'em up, put them into power and give them the entire media to be their organ grinder and you still get nothing from them but incivility and disobedience to the Constitution.

When you see them accusing the Tea Party, Sarah Palin or Fox News of doing something, you can rest assured they are deflecting the attention from themselves. Everything they try to pin on conservatives, they have done. It's called projection. Don't be fooled by it.

Look in the mirror, liberals. Everything you accuse the Right of doing is all right there.


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