Monday, March 7, 2011

Will Sarah Palin Run?

Governor Palin scheduled a fundraiser for the troops in Denver on May 2nd at Colorado Christian University and will not attend the NBC/Politico debate scheduled that same night. She will raise money for special-needs families in Mobile, Alabama on May 3rd. She will be delivering the keynote address at the “India Today Conclave” on March 19 2011. Fox has not suspended her contract, which is a requirement for the network if they have reason to believe a contributor is running for public office. Yet, she's written two books, tweets and gives interviews on political matters, writes Op Eds and Facebook notes about policy issues and has an extensive following that wants her to run. She acknowledges that her supporters have her back and engages with them often. But, is she running?

Long ago, this writer came to terms that despite all of the political science involved in analyzing candidates, potential candidates and elections, the textbook goes out the window when it comes to Sarah Palin. It's impossible to get a read on her. She fights like the next Reagan, yet will not commit to anything at this point. Is she building the suspense or is she just avoiding the question for as long as she can while she finds a way to break it to her supporters gently?

On my BlogTalk radio show, conservative blogger Rachelle Friberg and former radio talkshow host and AK Lt. Governor candidate Eddie Burke debate whether she is running or not. You can listen to it here.

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