Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GOP Establishment: Suckers For the Left

The Jabberwocky continues as the left starts to embrace the Republican Establishment’s “stop Sarah Palin” meme. In an article for Salon.com, Steve Kornacki suggests "Palin's poll numbers with the GOP base will only ebb if base voters are exposed, more than once and from more than one voice, to criticisms of her.” His liberally motivated column is aimed at Republicans suggesting that they plant “insistent reminders that maybe she's not suited to represent the party on its national ticket again.” By praising Matt Labash, Karl Rove and David Frum, Salon’s news editor presents a strategy to his liberal readership that encompasses the use of Republicans to achieve a goal that the liberals have been incapable of doing on their own.

The Left is genuinely afraid of Sarah Palin. Obviously, she is a threat to beat them in 2012. Otherwise there would be no need to use up bandwidth for Kornacki’s column. The Frums and the Labashes of the world are merely the suckers - tools - that liberals hope to use for their political purpose. It's a shame that the suckers on our side don't have the same confidence in Palin’s ability to win as they do. The left are scared to death that she'll win. The GOP Establishment is scared she'll lose. The Left is genuinely fearful. The GOP Establishment are cowards.

The liberals are showing us what we knew they thought all along. They knew Palin's not an idiot. They just said that hoping we'd believe it. They know she's qualified. They've been trying to hide that fact with lies and smears for the last two years. Their gig is up and now they need help from our side to convince us otherwise. They know that the smear campaign against Sarah Palin has only galvanized the conservative base. So in their minds the strategy needs to be adjusted. Now they are going to the GOP's weak and wimpy and hoping this time it works.

Watch how Kornacki advises the GOP Establishment “not to be harsh” and instead “just be gentle” in planting the seeds of Palin doubt. In other words, the full frontal assault complete with kitchen sink and all didn’t work. So now they'll try to be more subtle and slip into people's psyche by using the Establishment door. They are giving the GOP Establishment the benefit of their experience (that the vitriolic route didn't work) and telling them to try a different angle.

Yes, there are traitors in our ranks and the real enemy is now seizing the opportunity to use them as pawns in their last ditch effort to save their failing effort to stop Sarah Palin. Think of this as reverse operation chaos or the foundation for the formation of a “Journolist” group on the right.

The alarm needs to be sounded and it needs to be sounded loudly. Conservatives and Tea Party activists are not going to affiliate themselves with the Republican Party if it doesn't field candidates that takes issue positions that are Constitutionally sound, conservatively principled and consistently opposed to business as usual in the party back rooms as well as in the halls of Congress. If RINOism and the strategy of moderation for political expediency survives the 2012 election, it will be because we were not capable of destroying the thing that has stopped us from beating the liberals in the past: Republican insiders or what Ronald Reagan called the Republican fraternity.

The idea that Establishment Republicans want to aid and abet the enemy by deliberately pushing anti-Palin memes when they should be allowing the candidates who will run in 2012 to win or lose on their own merits is repulsive. These RINOs, crony capitalists, party insiders and sludge slingers will easily show themselves in columns and commentaries as we come closer to the 2012 primaries. You won't need a scanner or a pat down to tell what these people have underneath.

Those in the GOP who want to stop Palin are no better than the Democrats. They can join their comrades and help save Democratic Party from a Palin smackdown of epic proportions if they want. It might actually be good for them to show themselves now and get it over with. This way if the GOP loses because of their lack of a spine, the blame won't fall on Palin. It will fall on them.

Then political scientists and analysts will look back on the Republican Establishment and remind the future slaves of statism that history was altered as much by people in the Republican Party as it was by those in the Democratic Party.

If Palin is such a bad choice, how come the GOP Establishment keeps looking for someone better than her? How come they can't find that person? Is it possible there isn't one? These are the same types of  people that resisted Ronald Reagan back in 1980.
It will be repeated until this blogger is blue in the face and his fingers fall off from typing it so many times. This is the opportunity to get behind the best shot there is and push her all the way to the top. It's obvious the GOP Establishment still thinks division is the answer when those who know what it takes to win understand that it's really about multiplication and coalition building.

It’s no wonder the liberals want to get into bed with the GOP Establishment. They obviously must like the smell. Besides, they've worked so well together in the past.

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