Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fuzzy Math: Government Deception About the Numbers

The government is not giving us the straight answers on the budget numbers, Obamacare, inflation and unemployment. If it wasn't a federal law that gas stations post their gas prices and the government could find a way to hide those numbers, too, they probably would. We're being told that our economy is recovering. We're told that Obamacare will cut the deficit. We're told inflation isn't really here. We're told our unemployment rate is dropping. These are all lies.

The Obama administration has us on the road to bankruptcy.

We take in $2.2 trillion and we spend $3.5 trillion. You do the math. Michelle Bachmann found $105 billion in government spending that was buried in the ObamaCare legislation. She calls it "legislative fraud." To add insult to injury, HHS Kathleen Sebellius admitted to double-counting in the Obamacare budget to the tune of $500 billion. The nearly $1 trillion in Stimulus money doled out last year has been wasted or used up with no return. States that were given a temporary "fix" last year are going through withdrawals now as the money has dried up and the protests, like those in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, ratchet up because state governments can no longer afford to pay into union pensions and health care plans. The mainstream media won't even touch this one, but the deficit in February 2011 was larger than the entire year of 2007.

Someone sound the alarm.

Inflation is here. Gas prices are increasing daily. Food prices are going up.

The unemployment numbers are bogus. How is it possible that we lose 368,000 jobs just in one week (the final week of February), add 192,000 jobs for the entire month of February and the unemployment rate drops from 9.0% to 8.9%? No matter how I crunch it and no matter what calculator I use, those numbers just don't add up. The government is playing a sleight of hand game. The reason for the suspect numbers is that there are 5 million people who are not counted toward the unemployment numbers. They have given up, fallen off the unemployment rolls or are on welfare now. Welfare rolls continue to swell. The government can manipulate the numbers all they want, but the American people are not buying it.

They can probably get the unemployment rate to drop further once more people give up and more fall off the unemployment benefit rolls. Now that's not just fuzzy math. That's insanity. That's a government that refuses to tell us we are in a depression with less than two years before the presidential election. They are lying to us so they can save Obama's job.

It's not just the government that's lying to us. Where's the media? Where's the outrage over the rising gas prices? Where's the vicious attacks, finger pointing and blame issuing that was so popular when George W. Bush presided over a much calmer economy?

Obama has to go. He's worse than Jimmy Carter. If Obama is reelected, the country is done.


Conservativedailynews.com offers this analysis of a Palin presidential candidacy:
Palin is a double-edged sword. The merciless attacks from the left have achieved their purpose, but at a cost. Palin is now hated by many independents who haven’t stopped to think for themselves but have mindlessly input the Palin hate into their brains.

And that’s a problem because the independents represent the great center of American politics. How the independents vote decides elections. On the other hand those widespread attacks have given Palin name-recognition that the other candidates can only dream about. The personal attacks have solidified the support for Palin within the conservative wing of the GOP. The left has done the marketing job for Palin. You either love her or hate her. Will she run? It depends on what her internal polls are telling her. If she still has what she considers to be a large enough percentage of the independents on her side it is a good bet she will get into the race.

Palin would represent a formidable challenge to Obama. Obama faces his own marketing challenge if he criticizes her directly. You don’t attack women in American society. It is a taboo. So what would Obama do? Simple, he would use his vast network of surrogates to attack her – all the while appearing to be above the fray. Compounding Obama’s problem in facing Palin is that Palin doesn’t lay down and take hits without firing salvos right back at her attackers. Just ask David Letterman about that side of Sarah Palin.

Palin possesses both the charisma and the intellect to flay Obama alive in a debate. Expect Obama to minimize debates with Palin if it indeed comes down to a general election fight between these two. It would be an interesting battle between Obama and Palin. Think the media juggernaut that is socialist/progressive politics versus Palin’s Facebook account. Wow!
Now, don't you think it's time that the American people recognize how serious the situation is under Obama? Who offers the best alternative? This is too important to be playing games, Republicans. Sarah Palin is our best candidate.

Will Sarah Palin Run? Listen to my BlogTalk Radio show and vote in the poll up to the right. Eddie Burke says Sarah Palin's not running. Rachelle Friberg disagrees.

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