Friday, March 11, 2011

Sarah Palin Looking for a Candidate Willing to Tackle the Big Issues

Sarah Palin is looking to see if there's a candidate in whom she can be confident in tackling the issues (energy and fiscal) before deciding whether she will put her name in the hat. I don't think she's going to find what she's looking for in a presidential candidate unless she looks in a mirror.

I would tell her what I tell everyone else. If you can find a better horse, show it to me. Back it. Stand behind it and ride it to the top. We have a country that is on the brink here. It will take some tough leadership and an ability to take major hits in order to make it happen.

Look at what's happening in Wisconsin. Look at what's happening in Ohio and Indiana. Look at what Christie has had to do in New Jersey. It's not going to be easy.

We realize that it's a big sacrifice for Sarah and her family to make ("a huge life changing decision"). It's evident that she is not going into this thing out of self interest or for narcissistic reasons. It's a major sacrifice. Here's what she said:
There are some extremely... difficult situations that our country is facing today. Unless I have the confidence that we have a GOP candidate who is out there willing to tackle these issues regardless of what, um perhaps, special interests or ties they may have had in the past... unless I'm confident that there is a GOP candidate who can tackle these things and provide solutions then, yeah, seriously I'll continue to think about it and offer my self up in the name of service. As I tell you, Sean, national security issues and impending self imposed energy crisis that is looming and the fiscal crisis that we face... those are the things that are going to bring America to her knees. So, we certainly need the strong tough smart leadership that hopefully a GOP candidate can bring.       
It's a lot to ask someone who has been through the crap that she has. But if she runs, we must all be willing to put it on the line and have her back. We must be willing to look up to her and appreciate her. We must be willing to defend her and stand beside her.

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