Wednesday, March 2, 2011

'The Betfair Contrarian: Why Sarah Palin will win the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination.'

The mainstream media keeps touting polls when they show Sarah Palin is down. They've even gone as far as to skew and spin numbers from a poorly done poll in Iowa to create the illusion that her numbers are in decline even though they were down and are now in the process of coming back. The media was fairly mum when a Gallup Poll showed her up or steady. You didn't see that one plastered all over Google or on the ticker at the bottom of the screen on the three cable news networks, but you saw Iowa's poll. As I wrote today on Liberty's Lamp: "While the political weathermen keep telling us that storm Sarah will eventually peter out, they know full well that they can’t tell us that it’s really a category 5 without basically just handing her the keys to the White House."

This leads me to believe that there is a lot the media isn't telling us about Palin's popularity and support. What I found that last couple of weeks on the internet is that there are even a lot more pro-Palin websites than even I thought. I am also observing more and more Palin supporters showing up on Twitter. This leads me to believe that the media agenda and the way they are presenting the data is not right. There is a good possibility that should Palin announce for the presidency that not only will supporters come pouring out of the woodwork, but many potential endorsers and voters may see her in a much more serious light.

Campaigning should put to rest any discomfort the media may have placed into the minds of normal rational people (translated: the non-PDS afflicted and the Obama kool aid drinkers). Ian Lazaran at Conservatives4Palin explains:
Campaigns expose “swing voters” to narrative-type stories that are often more important than the types of positions that a candidate holds. If Governor Palin wins the primary as we all hope, it’ll likely be because she ran an excellent campaign. What that means is that so-called “swing voters” will be exposed to stories about how well she ran her campaign. They’ll hear people saying things such as “well if she runs the country in the same way she ran her campaign, this country would be fine under her watch.” Swing voters will be exposed to her executive competence and ability for the first time as she will have operated a $100-$200 million enterprise efficiently and effectively in the event of a victory.
Consider also, that Sarah Palin has two best selling books and draws viewers to Fox News like flies. A liberal blogger admits "Because Palin is a Fox News contributor...she generates significant ratings..." Sarah Palin's Alaska drew record viewers for TLC. She fills a room within hours of announcing a speech. This clearly doesn't match the fizzling star meme that the mainstream media is selling us. Liberal Media Matters has even pointed out that a Sarah Palin tweet became a Fox News alert. Don't forget how much buzz her Facebook posts get as well. Again, does this sound like someone that isn't very popular?

The liberal media doesn't want us to go by our observations. They want us to believe their false memes. But when it comes to where Sarah Palin really stands, go to the people who are willing to put their money on it. Check this out from The Betfair Contrarian:
Allegations of widespread unpopularity are unproven
Palin constantly complains about biased reporting from what she labels the "lamestream media" and her supporters are adamant that the press portrayal of her as widely disliked is inaccurate. There could well be substance to that theory, with a national poll at the time of the last election showing that just 19.6 per cent of citizens trust most news media reporting. Evidence of this is her daughter Bristol's showing in the 2010 series of Dancing With the Stars, in which she exceeded expectations to finish third, surviving on five separate occasions despite registering the lowest score, progress that was credited to many Americans warming to Palin senior and therefore voting for the daughter.
The observations about Palin's popularity don't match the data and the spin we are getting in the lamestream press. The proof will be in how she campaigns and the excitement she will generate should she choose to run.

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