Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Left Teaches Us How To Toss a Word Salad

If I ordered what I saw on O'Reilly last night and the waiter brought me this, I'd send it back and tell them that's not what I ordered.

After reading this on Conservatives4Palin, the only thing I could think of was this:

The real problem is the Left totally understands what Palin is saying and it scares the crap out of them. When they "translate" it for their idiotic followers (the morons who believe everything they read), they have to spin it, shake it, stir it and put salad dressing on it so that it sounds as ridiculous as possible and steers away from the true message. When the reader or listener hears it, of course they're going to say "she's an idiot." I would too if that's how it was delivered to me. Fortunately, I know better than that.

When will the Left realize that as the gas prices go up, inflation goes up and unemployment goes up (don't believe the government numbers - they lie), the gig is up? Every socialist, liberal, progessive and incompetent bureaucrat knows they will be out on their asses after 2012. Of course they don't want Palin to be president. If you were one of them, would you?

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