Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Contrast of Two Leaders

President Obama is in Brazil helping them out with their oil drilling program while we suffer at the pump here in America and vast reserves remain untapped. Sarah Palin went to India to demonstrate her vision of how important an ally they could be of America in a free market economy where two vibrant democracies could become strong trading partners. President Obama took weeks to come on board with the Libya no fly zone. Palin called for it immediately. A trip to the supermarket followed by putting gas in the car is enough to tell you that things aren't going right. A little research on Sarah Palin is enough to tell you that things can be put right again.

The contrast between the two leaders is beyond clear. Obama's trip to Brazil was nothing more than another selling out of America and another wealth redistribution scheme. "We want to help with technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely, and when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers," President Obama told a group of business leaders in Brazil. Whitney Pitcher points out:
It's interesting that President Obama wants to say, "drill, baby, drill"... but perhaps only in Portuguese. In fact, as GatewayPundit highlighted on Friday, President Obama praised Brazil's offshore drilling industry, while at the same time he imposed an offshore drilling moratorium in the Gulf. To date, only three deepwater leases have been issued since the moratorium was quasi-lifted.
When Obama told Joe Wurzelbacher  "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody" on the campaign trail in 2008, it sounded scary enough thinking of it in domestic economic terms. But this appears to apply also to world economics as Obama continues to rack up debt and redistribute dollars earned by American production out of our treasury into the Chinese and other note holders' treasuries in the form of interest payments.

The President has no problem with Brazil cranking up their oil production. Yet, this is more American capital that will come from our productivity and end up in the hands of Brazilians. The contrast in leadership is that if Sarah Palin had her way, this money would end up in the hands of Americans who would be drilling and opening up new sources of energy here at home. It's inconceivable that this guy can fix our economy by making it bleed more and refuse to recognize the need for drilling here at home as part of a comprehensive job growth program which should also include reductions in the corporate income tax and a complete dismantling of a regulatory process which has failed to prevent the Gulf oil spill, bank collapses and mortgage industry and housing market disasters.

Just as Barack Obama allied himself with the progressives and socialists in calling for redistributive economic policies here at home, Sarah Palin endorsed a number of successful Tea Party candidates who are now positioned well in the Congress should she run for and win the presidency in 2012. Just as Barack Obama has allied himself with overseas interests that cause the price of energy to "necessarily skyrocket" here at home, Sarah Palin has met with Indian business leaders and will meet the prime minister of Israel to position America well in the world network that will give us better trade deals that will help us here at home should she run for and win the presidency in 2012.

While this writer supports the action in Libya and stands behind the American military, it doesn't eliminate the question of why it took the Arab League and France to push the issue through the United Nations while Obama golfed and did his NCAA tournament brackets. Had Sarah Palin been president, there would have been more of a sense of urgency as Kaddafi marched toward Benghazi.

This is the hope and change America voted for in 2008. We have rising gas prices, inflation, high unemployment and we're at war. Sarah Palin has been dead on the money on every issue facing America since she spoke to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. Yet, she's the dummy? This is the media that propped up this Obama character as a messianic figure who can part the waters and calm the seas. Instead, we get political earthquakes and tsunamis. The economy is on its roughest ride since Jimmy Carter and we are the deepest in debt we've ever been in as a nation.

It's time for America to wake up and understand what real leadership in action looks like. It certainly isn't coming from Obama. America is not only ready for Sarah Palin, it needs her.


Writer's note: Sarah Palin has been straightening out the record with regards to the mainstream media. She wrote a Facebook Note in which she quoted Whitney Pitcher's article on Big Government. Whitney will be on the Patrick's World USA Blogtalk Radio show Wednesday night at 11 pm ET, 8 pm PT, 7 pm PT. Please join us as we talk about Sarah Palin's push back on the media as well as her very successful trip to India and Israel.

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