Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Political Realignment of The Palin Wing of the GOP (Updated)

The Republican Establishment can no longer protect America from the Left

There are a lot of folks pining for the good old days. The only problem is it depends on which good old days we are talking about. While true conservatives and die hard Reagan Republicans long for the days of 7-8% economic growth, falling inflation and unemployment and a capital market where the spickets were open and the money flowed to those who earned it, RINOs, blue bloods and crony capitalists long for the days when the GOP was just a better vehicle by which to bypass a truly merit based free enterprise system to earn wealth and status than the Democrat party was. Sarah Palin presents a problem for the Karl Roves, Peggy Noonans and Tucker Carlsons of the world because the coalition that they need to keep the GOP the party of cronyism is realigning.

The Tea Party, traditional Reagan conservatives and now some lower and middle class moderates are finding that the Republican Establishment has been lying to them all these years by pretending to be conservative when all they are really are non-liberals looking for steady legs for their elitist perches. Those steady legs have been us the American people. Now those legs are wobbling a bit and they don’t like it.

These are the same types of people who didn’t like Reagan in the 1970’s. They only liked him after his economic policies kept the economy strong enough so that people would be distracted from trying to knock them off their perches.

America is not the meritocracy that it should be. One could picture the horror on the faces of blue bloods if they were made to sit in an opportunity seminar to hear people who were once plumbers, teachers or construction workers talk about how they became successful. It’s not supposed to happen that way in their world. You’re supposed to get to where you are by who you know, not what you know. And if you do happen to get there by what you know, you will only be accepted by them if it’s because what you do fits their definition of “intelligence.”

Watch the horror on their faces as they sit in the opportunity seminar that will soon be the Republican primary. Imagine how they will scramble to defend their outmoded world view should Sarah Palin run. They’re not interested in saving the country. They’re only interested in saving their own hides. Their interests are not our interests. When they see members of the what used to be their core constituency (the silent majority) realigning with someone like a Palin, imagine how shaken they will become.

The Establishment will have nowhere to go. They are not liberals. They don’t believe America should lose its place in the world and they don’t believe in socialism. They’re the real center in this country as they straddle the fence of big government and a strong private sector. They want both the power and prestige of government and the wealth and privilege of the private sector because they believe that capitalism can be controlled by those with the proper pedigree and the best seats in the power house of government.

They want capitalism to work, but only when they call the shots. In China the communists control the capitalists. In America, they want the capitalists to control the communists. Either way, something other than the invisible finger of a true market controls capitalism and this perverts it.

Republican elites oppose Democrat elites in the country club politics of who gets what seat, but ultimately they make deals with each other so that the game can continue. Citizen politicians are just as big of an enemy to them as progressives because both are trying to destroy the power supply. The Republican Establishment right now acts like Barack Obama is the enemy, but they know the biggest threat to their power is conservative activists, the Tea Party and citizen politicians. These people were the middle class schmoes who used to vote for them, make excuses for why they should have power and money and tell their kids to go to Harvard as they grabbed their lunch pails on the way to their jobs at the construction site.

The Establishment Elites look down on the little guy. The little guy is starting to catch on.
Now these same people are saying something totally different. In fact, they’re afraid to send their kids to Harvard because they don’t want them to turn out like the soul-selling Potomac water drinking Republicans they once thought were good.

We don’t need Karl Rove, the architect of a Bush presidency that gave us the financial crisis and didn’t solve the problem of Iran the way they did Afghanistan and Iraq. Don’t get me wrong, George W. Bush kept us safe from Terrorism without pat downs and feel ups at the airport. But there was a mentality. The blue bloods still had a lot of pull in the system. That system rewarded cronyism and kept the doors closed to those who were not insiders.

The only difference between the Bush Establishment and the Liberal Establishment is that the Bush Establishment destroys things by sins of omission and the Liberal Establishment destroys things by sins of commission. Case in point: Freddie Mac and Fannie May. The Bush administration didn’t pay any attention (remember, there are fat cats on their side too) and liberals like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were collapsing the system right under their noses. Bush didn’t do anything to clean out the corruption over at Freddie and Fannie.

Are these the people you want to pick the Republican nominee for president? What is the sense in booting Obama out if we’re just going to go back to the same old bull that we had before Obama came in?

Replacing socialists with crony capitalists is not going to fix the country. This requires something different. This requires someone that’s going to go into the halls of power and start flipping some tables. This is going to require someone walking over to entrenched bureaucrats and financial regulators and telling them point blank their fired; the days of big government are really over.

Who in their right mind would listen to Karl Rove after all his cronies have put this country through?

If the Establishment doesn’t want to accept the fact that “the times are a changing” and that real Americans who don’t “play the game,” kiss ass and go to the right cocktail parties are finally coming to power after a century of mind games, media manipulation and outright deception on the part of the Left, then so be it. Let’s beat the Establishment straight up in the primaries. We don’t need the Establishment to protect us anymore from progressivism. We can do it ourselves. They have failed.

We are like “new progressives” who understand that a little AstroTurfing, infiltrating academia and the pop culture, taking control of the new media and finding new sources of financing is our way of saying to the Left "hey thanks for teaching us the tactics but no thank you on the socialism."

We need our Alinskys, our versions of Van Jones to counter the Left. We have the Koch brothers who clearly articulate what we believe about cronyism. "Both Democrats and Republicans have done a poor job of managing our finances," George Koch writes. "They've raised debt ceilings, floated bond issues, and delayed tough decisions." I pray the Koch brothers do for the right what George Soros does for the Left. We need to beat them at their own game!

Some on my side are going to say, well we’re better than that. Yes we are. We are actually smarter than them too. I see the elitists in both parties the way they see me. I see them as stupid, ignorant and dangerous.

I can’t tolerate watching Tea Party activists protest peacefully, clean up after themselves after rallies and work hard to teach people how to run for office only to be smeared and lied about in the mainstream media. Our system right now punishes success and rewards failure. I can’t tolerate watching union thugs assault women, reporters, activists and the entire democratic process which brought Scott Walker into a second term legitimately through a fair election.

We shouldn’t tolerate it anymore. We can't sit back and let them bust our heads. I'm not saying go out there and look for confrontation. We are still the adults in the room. We will always be good people. But, you know what, we have to get in these people’s faces when they get in ours and tell it to them straight: you are destroying our country! We have to defend ourselves when attacked.

We shouldn’t be afraid of the media anymore. I’m not fighting this war with one hand tied behind my back. Yeah, I cursed some guy out on Twitter the other day.  I said something harsh. And the response was “hey look at this Tea Party guy, he’s violent.” I wasn't going to sit there and let him call for people to spit on Sarah Palin because they think we’re too wimpy to stand up for ourselves because “we’re afwaid of the media.” Screw the media.

If someone wants to push someone down, we should push them back. And if someone wants to spit on people, I'm spitting back. You either engage in a civil discussion in the arena of ideas or you prove that you are not worthy of our restraint. You have choice, liberals. We don’t listen to the media anymore. They can denounce us all they want. Since the media is going to accuse us anyway, we shouldn’t be afraid to defend ourselves. We short change ourselves by being overly paranoid about our rhetoric because the media jumps on stupid crap like cross hairs on a map but yet they do nothing to cover union thuggery in Wisconsin. Homie don't play that.

This whole thing needs to be reset. We need to clean both houses, get the government off the backs of the people and start everyone at Go. Let the free market and the capitalist system determine the winners and the losers and let the government stick to the basics – national defense, proper law enforcement and the role of the court system as the referee to assist us in peacefully resolving our civil disputes and to interpret both the civil and the criminal law from a strict constructionist position. Stop with the stupid legal interpretations, health care schemes and bailouts of the crony capitalists already. No wonder people are frustrated.

If the Republican Establishment won’t get behind the true fundamental transformation, which is restoration and renewal, we will never get past the false fundamental transformation, which is the redistribution of wealth and the retention of power. In defeating Barack Obama, the Establishment can either throw monkey wrenches into the Tea Party operation or the candidacy of Sarah Palin or they can join the fight and accept the new positive direction that commonsense conservatives want to take this country.

They can point their fingers all they want at the Tea Party. They can complain the Tea Party can’t run candidates who are electable and turn it into a self fulfilling prophesy. They can continue to allow themselves to be duped by the media because they want to be accepted. Or, they can put the Slurpees down and join with a movement that could crush the Left if only they would pitch in and help – even if it means getting behind someone like Sarah Palin. The train’s moving. They should either get on board or get the hell out of the way.

This is not about leaving the party or going third party. It's about giving the Republican Party one last chance to get it right. If they were smart, given how well the Establishment did prior to Obama, they'd let the ones with common sense drive this time.

This country isn’t going anywhere until we truly accept commonsense Constitutional conservatism, true free market based economies and a disdain for cronyism. If the Establishment doesn’t get that, than let them go realign with the liberals for all I care. They may tell you they don’t like liberals. But they won’t tell you that it’s been their way of running government when they had the chance that has allowed the liberals to come to power. Remember, it was the Establishment who gave us George W. Bush and John McCain. It was the people who gave us Ronald Reagan.

So it's time to stand up and forget what the media tells you. Forget about the resignation or the Saturday Night Live skits. Forget about gravitas and who gets to decide who’s smart and who’s dumb. Forget the poll numbers, which are only a circle jerk of media dogs chasing tails (the media tells you Palin sucks, you believe it, you answer a poll question, the media reports that Palin sucks based on the poll).

Mark my words. Save this post. It will be the Establishment’s fault if we don’t win in 2012.

They can whine all they want about Sarah Palin. But there isn’t anyone else out there that's willing to flip the tables and get everyone back to the starting line so we can run this thing right again. If they can’t put anyone up that’s better than Sarah Palin, then they need to join us. This is an important win. In 2012, we will decide whether we will end up like a hybrid Egypt just waiting for communism and Islamic-fascism to close the deal on our complacent butts or we will show true courage and restore our constitutional republic based on the blueprint handed to us by our Founders.

Keep flashlights on hand with plenty of batteries. The thousand years of darkness is a long time. If we blow this, we might as well all just pack it in, go home and milk whatever version of America we get because the real America isn’t coming back. This is our last chance.

Update: Tucker Carlson has since apologized for his sexist tweet.


  1. God bless President Palin. We NEED her to keep us safe!

  2. Sarah Palin is a natural leader. President Palin will hire the right people, for the right jobs, and restore the United States to the practices that made it great in the first place.


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