Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anthony Martin: White House insider says ATF gun smuggling scandal to dog Obama

How's that iceberg working out for you, Alaska bloggers?

So there may be a Hawaiian Obama tsunami that is made up of the water from the melted Alaska Palin iceberg. Don’t misunderstand this. Two rights don’t make a wrong and bad behavior or bad reporting doesn’t justify bad behavior or bad behavior. But, when you liberals made the rules, you made them this way. You won the election in 2008. Therefore, until we can regain control of the board, we have to play by your rules.

It's like when the characters in Star Trek confronted their alter egos in a parallel universe.

Do I believe some of the stories I read about Obama in the blogosphere about sex scandals and birth certificates? While I reserve the right to continue to follow the smoke in search of the fire, the answer is no and in some cases, not yet. I do want to point out that even if untrue or partially true, these stories are much more believable than the conspiracy stories about Palin.

I do encourage journalists and bloggers to dig deeper, just as the Alaska bloggers encouraged their minions to dig deeper into Trig trutherism and all the divorce rumors about the Palins. It was this challenge that led Palin supporters to become even more certain that she is the person she is. In debunking those myths and proving them wrong, we grew closer to Sarah Palin in spite of the unscrupulous efforts to draw us further apart.

Let's just take the one story about Obama that now seems to be bubbling to the surface and finding it's way up the media flagpole for now and put the shoe on the other foot for the libs.

Anthony Martin has an interesting piece about the Obama ATF gun smuggling scandal.
A White House insider has come forward to report that the gun smuggling scandal that has engulfed the ATF will dog Barack Obama for the foreseeable future. The insider told blogger Mike Vanderboegh, who along with National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea broke the story of the growing scandal at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), that the still-developing scenario at the Department of Justice is a story that has the potential of crippling the Administration.

Obama stated yesterday that there was wrongdoing but that he did not give his approval to the scheme to walk U.S. guns into Mexico where they were placed into the hands of drug cartels.
Martin follows it up with this piece.
In the continualy-developing story of scandal at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives concerning the deliberate placing of U.S. guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, the question has been, how far up the line of authority in the Department of Justice does the scandal go? Who knew about it, when did they know it, and did they give explicit or implicit approval to the gun smuggling scheme?
Apparently, it can now be confirmed that officials at the very highest levels of the Department of Justice not only knew about the illegal scheme but promoted it for the purpose of tracing illegal guns among Mexican criminals, and, to pad statistics that supposedly 'prove' that lax U.S. gun laws fuel the drug cartels.
So the Obama administration is illegally sending guns to Mexico to get people killed so they can prove that our gun laws here in America are lax. Is he intentionally trying to collapse the American economy and siding with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and a rebel group in Libya with "flickers" of Al Qaeda, too?

Just sayin'.

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