Sunday, November 28, 2010

Worry About Obama, yes. Worry About our Military, no.

Our military is taking the correct tactical steps toward bringing this North Korea thing under control. As we set up our ships off the coast, we can position ourselves to provide tactical guidance against North Korea.

We should be prepared to provide guidance and assitance to South Korea, and make sure they target and take out those targets as North Korea sets up its artillery.

Obama will serve no purpose giving a speech Monday night. Instead, he needs to let action speak louder than words. In international power politics, words are not a language. The ability of our highly efficient military to assist the South Koreans in being the ones who take out the artillery targets that North Korea is using to fire at them will speak louder than any speech to the nation that Obama can give.

It will continue to be good policy if Obama backs the treaty and allows the provisions in that treaty to be protocol for military policy. It would also be good policy if he doesn't try to micro-manage this thing.

Let the military do its job. Cancel Monday Night's speech. Wake the president up when it's over and let him give a speech then to explain to us how we kicked their asses.

It's only a few targets (for now). We can take them out no problem, by proxy.

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