Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another "GOP Strategist" Beclowns Himself in the LA Times

In a well written article by Matea Gold at the LA Times, she gives a fair and balanced assessment of Sarah Palin's Alaska. She quotes different opinions, some more favorable, some less. But you get a gist of the potential that Sarah Palin's Alaska has not only as a documentary, but as a great way for people to get to know her better.
Starring in her own reality show is a canny way to play to a public skeptical of the traditional press, said Michael Maslansky, chief executive of maslansky luntz + partners, which researches how people respond to forms of communication.

"As a form of political media, this is quite possibly the evolution of the personal biography," he said...
The only really out of whack statement in her article comes from supposedly one of ours, "GOP strategist" Scott Reed  who beclowns himself (particularly after Palin's speech about Quantitative Easing) by dribbling this all over himself:
 "If Palin is going to be serious about affecting the terms of the debate in the Republican Party, and I think she is," Reed said, "she's probably better off doing some deep dives on policy, rather than rock climbing."
It's the last sentence of the article. Journalists use an inverted pyramid structure to their articles so that in the event the article has to be edited or cut for space, the least important stuff is at the end of the article. This quote made it, unfortunately, for Mr. Reed who will probably not have any future in a new Republican party if the insiders and the Establishment continue to alienate the rank and file the way they have since Steve Schmidt puked all over himself following the 2008 election.

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