Friday, November 19, 2010

The Ironies of the Day

How upside down and inside out is our government, really? Just take a look at some of the crazy things that have been happening starting with the 2008 election.

Sarah Palin was scrutinized and marginalized as an inexperienced and intellectually challenged potential vice president. Joe Biden has more than outshined the caricature of Sarah Palin with all his gaffes and crazy moments. Sarah Palin never said she could see Russia from her house. Joe Biden did say that FDR went on television in 1929. How we vet our candidates? Now that’s a big effing deal.

John McCain was portrayed as an angry man who was unable to articulate his positions in an attractive way for voters. Although polls showed that our country was still a center-right country, people voted for the great oratory of Barack Obama. As soon as he was inaugurated and removed from the teleprompter, um, um, um, let’s just say the man who would tell Democrats to “punish their enemies” and who, um, um, um was unable to keep it zipped when commenting on a police matter in Massachusetts suddenly was angry and unable to articulate his positions in the exciting way he did on the campaign trail.

For years the Left lambasted George W. Bush’s sneak and peak policy. These people cried bloody murder if the government tapped a phone conversation because they suspected a party on the line had terrorist ties, but stand firm and fight to the death for the TSA’s right to give you a hand job during the frisking process that we all go through now just to get on an airplane. During sneak and peak, there were no real incidents or any widespread abuse of people’s rights. Today, there are YouTube videos and photographs on the internet going viral everywhere of people being “sexually assaulted” by TSA agents at the airport.

This blogger has delibertately chosen not to fly during the holidays.

The Tea Party has been caricatured as an angry mob of violent extremists. Yet, when they show up at rallies with old people in wheel chairs and children in strollers, no incidences are ever reported. The media, who seem more to pride themselves on being an arm of the Democrat party rather than the objective 4th Estate, doesn’t cover communist rallies that abdicate violent overthrow of the government and which are filled with incendiary rhetoric.

As Sarah Palin’s new book comes out, the media is pulling the same tactics they did on her last one. They are quoting her out of context and challenging her facts. Challenging her facts with what you ask? They’re twisting words and using lies of course. These are the same people who panned Going Rogue without even reading it.

Ask yourself this. Are you going to allow the media to continue to paint a perverted, twisted, out of whack view of the world onto the canvas of your subconscious mind, or are you going to reject everything that you have heard in the media until you are able to personally fact check it yourself?

It comes down to this. The American people may have woken up to Obama. They may have woken up to the fact that the media lies. But they are still not aware that despite knowing this, some of it has seeped into the brain. Do you want to do an experiment? Go ask people if they think Sarah Palin can win. Throw out the results you get from the kool aid drinking liberals. Listen to what honest, good hearted, Americans have to say on the subject. Those who tell you they think she can’t win are not bad people. They have been brainwashed. The subconscious mind takes in everything it hears even if it’s not true.

Here’s the biggest irony of the day. When a good person tells you that Sarah Palin can’t win because she’s damaged, it means that the person is themselves damaged – damaged by the seed of doubt the media has worked tirelessly for the last two years to plant inside their heads.

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