Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Death of the Idiot Meme: How the Discussion of “Is She Qualified” Qualifies Palin

As a business owner and a manager both past and present, this blogger has some understanding of what would qualify someone for a position. As a voter, this citizen also has to consider qualifications when choosing a candidate for whom to cast a ballot as well. So when we see all these pundits and reporters asking people trying to trick people into a sound byte that they can use to discredit Sarah Palin, it has to make one laugh that the question would even be out there. The simple existence of the question about someone who garners more attention than any other candidate is more than enough to put it to bed.

If Mark Ingram was not qualified to win the Heisman Trophy, his name simply would have never come up. If this blogger was going through resumes to fill a position, those who did not have the qualifications would probably not even be called in for an interview. Do the media ever question whether Krystal Ball is qualified to be president? What about the other potential presidential candidates for 2012? Anyone catch a Lamestream Media reporter doing some crack reporting by asking Cher if Mitt Romney is qualified to be president? Or Mike Huckabee? Or Ron Paul?

And where are the thousands of hit pieces on how Ron Paul has a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming president? If a poll comes out tomorrow that says Ron Paul is the favorite, I can put money on it that there will be hundreds of hit pieces across the internet describing him in negative terms and denigrating libertarianism. Look what happened to Rand Paul once he started doing well in the Kentucky race. The left can pray all they want, but Acqua Buddha didn't show up until the poll numbers were there.

Here’s the point. Is she qualified? Just ask professional people, writers, teachers, business owners, lawyers, blue collar workers, housewives, economists lawyers and so on that give their time and energy for her. If she wasn't qualified, would all these types of people be be wasting their time? These are serious people with serious lives. This is not a cult. This is not a fan club. This is the future of America.

When the Left and the establishment see how she is resonating, it sends them to the bathroom with soiled underwear. So when you see someone try to elicit a “not qualified” from a guest or interviewee, a newspaper article with an unnamed source that tries to convince you that former President Bush doesn’t think Palin is qualified or a celebrity putting her down, consider the intention behind the responses. These are not the objective reviews of a candidate that a professional would make when reading an applicant’s resume. These are the reviews of partisans who are trying to simply will away the inevitable.

Rush Limbaugh has been telling us that the Left will tell us who our nominee should be by who they fear. If you take a poll of all the people who are scared of Sarah Palin because they see her as a threat to their cushy position in the establishment or because her message is, as Monica Crowley has said, an existential threat to liberalism, Palin wins the qualification question in a landslide of wishful no votes.

Reality isn’t working out very well for Palin detractors; and right now their last ditch attempts at distorting that reality aren’t faring as well either.

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