Friday, November 12, 2010

Look, I wasn't going to say this, but....

The Establishment is the reason why we didn't get more Senate seats.

I really didn't want to say that. I consider myself a good Republican, a Reagan Republican. I don't believe in speaking ill of other Republicans. I don't believe that you do intra-party fighting the same way you do inter-party fighting. I believe you stay positive and play as a team.

It bothers me that some Republicans in the party and in the media found it necessary to downplay or criticize certain candidates or try to pin blame on Sarah Palin, Jim Demint or the Tea Party for not winning the Senate.

Before you nail me for the first sentence of this article, let me point out that it was just illustrating a point. We can blame it on each other if we want to. But in reality, if we are a tight party, no one in the party cost us the Senate. We lost it together - just like we won the house, governorships or state legislatures together.

We weren't supposed to win the Senate, anyway. Our objective was to take the House and keep going as far as we could. We did that. We picked up 6 seats in the Senate. Good job guys. We kicked their asses.

Now let's enjoy our holidays and wait til we reach a point after the new year where candidates start announcing. Folks, be true to your horse. But don't come out of your lane and bump the other horses. This is not Conservative on Liberal combat. That's serious stuff - and we need to use everything in our arsenal for them not on each other.

We are the grown ups. We have an opportunity to show the negative, nasty, smear minded liberals that we're not like them. We need to sell to the American people that when the GOP wins the White House in 2012, that they can have confidence in a leader who takes a more mature approach toward governing. Putting the adults in charge is a pretty good selling point on the campaign trail.

We need to blow them out intellectually. We need to do what Sarah Palin did this week with her widely praised analysis on Quantitative Easing. They are not the intellectual elite. They are a bunch of sniveling bomb throwers, name callers and fact twisters. We have the truth and, yes, we are going to look intellectually smart if we articulate it properly.

They're going to go back to the old playbook and run parodies about Sarah Palin. That's played. The people see through it now. Now, convince us of a positive, libs. Convince us why socialism is so great.

If you can't do that, step aside.

You see, our vision of the future of this country is one in which the "governed class" is weened off the teat of big government. The more we can do for ourselves, the more free we will be. Whoever can deliver on that (okay, you know who I think that is, but run with me on this), should be our leader.

There is no other way. It's always been that way throughout history. All conflicting philosophies have failed. For those who believe in evolution, limited Constitutional government the way our Founders set forth is the winner in the survival of the fittest war. It is both Darwinian and Divine. This combination should tell anyone with a half a brain that it's the direction we should be going.

Tonight, Karl Rove praised Sarah Palin for giving a strong speech in Phoenix on quantative easing. It's a start. He gave a fair analysis of the pending race for 2012. It's a start.

So, it is with great hope and great faith that instead of pointing fingers at each other, Republicans, that we keep the finger pointed where it needs to be: statist liberalism.

I know the candidates will have to point out certain things about other candidates in the primary. That's cool. Be classy, though. Let's run a good race and let the best person win. If we do it right, the party will be strong - a beast. If we do it wrong, we will have to patch wounds, limp in after a long hard race and try to figure out what went wrong in time to run an effective campaign for the general election.

Onward to victory.

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