Monday, November 1, 2010

Crack Journalist Sarah Palin Gets it Right on Fox News

Shortly after the inauguration of Barack Obama as president, I wrote that the key to winning our country back would be to convince the people that the media lies. Polls on the media have shown that the American people are convinced now. In fact, the public views journalists the same way they do politicians. But what do you do after two years of smear and hit pieces come pumping out of the lamestream media machine with the regularity of parts on an assembly line? And what do you with the truth when it can’t run up a media flagpole that only allows falsehoods to get to the top where they are aired as news by anchors and journalists at CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and CNN?

Sometimes if you need to get something done, you just have to do it yourself. Sarah Palin did just that yesterday on Fox News. First, she appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and broke the story about a CBS affiliate in Alaska whose reporters were heard scheming a “Rand Paul moment” for Joe Miller on a voicemail of a call that didn’t disconnect like the journalists would have hoped. Then she appeared On the Record with Greta Van Susteren where she dissected, debunked and destroyed the Politico hit piece on her timed appropriately with the help of GOP insiders to make a party that is on the verge of a major victory tomorrow look like its being run by a bunch of idiots.

Exclude Michael Steele from that list of idiots. At least he was able to come off as the grown up here stating that he would be happy with Sarah Palin as the party’s nominee. Rudy Giuliani went on Fox and Friends this morning to make the same point that I’ve been making: let the process decide who the nominee should be, not the party insiders. Fox News provided the perfect forum for Palin to get the Joe Miller story up the flagpole at the same time the Politico story flew with ease given the mainstream media’s lust for anything negative about her.

That therein lies the journalism lesson for tomorrow’s students. If someone says they heard that someone heard that the Palins had an argument or that her resignation was prompted by a pending federal indictment, it ends up on a stupid website like Immoral Minority or Mudflats. From there it is processed into word taffy that gets chewed on and regurgitated by MSNBC. It then hits the wire to be printed in newspapers across the country and quoted on straight news stories across the lamestream television media.

This is followed by the debunking process on conservative websites and across the Palinosphere. But does anyone in the lamestream media report on the debunking? No. This explains why my friend in New York doesn’t like Sarah Palin because she kills turkeys.

Now facts, on the other hand, move like led up the media flagpole. Correct explanations as to why Palin resigned are sketchy across the media landscape. Journolister conspiracies to destroy Sarah Palin take nearly two years to get reported. Sarah Palin herself has to write a Facebook page to explain Pete Rouse’s position in the circle of the smear merchants who viciously and with no human dignity went after her reputation in the 2008 election because no one else in the LSM wants to do it. Has anyone even cared to ask how much contact Rouse had with official DNC blogger Linda Kellen Biegle or MSNBC contributor Shannyn Moore during that time?

How could the press find the time to explore that angle given the fact that their heads were so deeply down into Palin’s garbage can?

Chris Wallace did not know that there was a recording of two journalists plotting a negative story on Joe Miller until Sarah Palin told him. Yes, the story was on Big Journalism, circulating through the Twittersphere and slowly making its way to other conservative sites. But most Americans don’t sit there and peruse the internet with a fine tooth comb the way I do. They come home from work, they put on Katie Couric and they believe everything she says because, well, it’s a straight news show. This is not a putdown on Americans. They’re busy. They have jobs and families that consume their time. They need their news given to them quickly. But it should be given to them properly.

Apparently, the media world is so blind to what really needs to be reported that even a top shelf journalist like Chris Wallace had no briefing, nothing to tip his hat at or no one in the newsroom who could come to him and say “check this out.” He had to get the story from Sarah Palin live on the air. After investigating it, he told Megyn Kelly and the Fox News audience that it was in fact a story after another guest tried to insinuate it wasn’t. Having given it his journalistic credibility, it was only then that Fox finally started running it.

So what’s a girl to do? “Hmmmm. I got a journalism degree. I’m going to be on Fox News today. I have a copy of the tape. Hey, why not report on it? No one else is.”

These dopey journalists who have been making fun of Sarah Palin for two years now have so much egg on their faces you could make omelets for the homeless. They just got one upped by the one they demean when she broke a real news story while the rest of them were reveling in the embarrassment to somebody that might come from an anonymous report that they don’t wax or someone else who may have child molesters at their rallies. The sad part is when Sarah Palin comes on Fox News and pulls the lamestream media’s pants down exposing them as impotent and limp garbage-meisters that they are.

So the next time you need to get the truth about what’s happening in the conservative movement, read the internet and verify what you read. Turn off the television and throw out the newspaper. The truth won’t be found there unless you’re watching Fox. And even then sometimes, you might just need a top notch crack journalist like Sarah Palin to get it on there.

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