Saturday, November 20, 2010

Overcoming Media Bias Against Conservatives

media malpractice and how to combat it

Let the record be straight: media malpractice is the reason so many fell for Obama. McCain got 46% of the vote and 58,343,671 people voted for him. Obama got 53% and 66,882,230 votes. That means the 8.5 million of those that make up the spread are also the same ones that can be flipped once they realize the media duped them. John Ziegler said "...far too many of us simply down whatever the media spoon feeds us and that we don't do a lot of critical thinking or research on our own." The key to winning elections for Republicans is going to be their ability to get Americans to understand how deeply the left has been methodically controlling the media with The Great Left Smear Machine, which is explained by Rowan Scarborough in Human Events. And this task is not daunting when you consider it's not about converting 66 million people. It's only about converting 8.5 million.

We will win the moderates with our fiscal conservatism. We will win young libertarians with our limited government and personal liberty theme. And we will win the "sheep" who believed everything the media fed them at face value with a campaign to urge them to do their own research. This is not to put down people who are sheep. This is to motivate and encourage them to seek the truth instead of giving in to a shallow position of following leftist pop culture so as to appear cool or sophisticated. When a sheep wakes up and realizes it's been sheared, it will not go to the pen so easily next time. Besides, we may even be able to convince them that our anti-establishment counter-culture is so much better than anything the leftist "elites" have to offer. The moderates will defect when the leftists' government spending gets out of hand and the libertarians will defect when the leftists impose on their freedoms. There's your 8.5 million swing voters.

As for hard core liberals, the kool aid drinkers themselves, we cannot win them over. Thus, there is no need to change the fundamental core of the conservative philosophy. We can win elections without them and eventually reduce their numbers through sheer intellectual argument while simultaneously using their own tactics against them.

1. Convince people that the media lies to us and expose liberal bias and double standards frequently.

2. Infiltrate the pop culture and produce mainstream center right movies, music and video games.

3. Infiltrate academia and teach history, constitutional law and fiscally sound economics.

4. Talk to people about how dangerous government over-spending really is.

5. Talk to people about how big government always eventually erodes individual freedom.

6. Celebrate freedom of religion and acknowledge the Creator's role in our country's founding principles.

When the media attacks our movement's stars, never take it at face value. Always dig deeper for the underlying truth. Learn how to differentiate between the real self-inflicted wounds of a Mark Sanford and the ginning up of non-events into events such as what was done to Sarah Palin. Rob Harrison of Conservatives4Palin.com tells us to Look for the Smoke Machine.

writer's note: I wrote this right after Obama's inauguration.

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