Thursday, November 25, 2010

If We Should Ever Give Thanks, It's Now

In early autumn of 1621, the 53 surviving Pilgrims celebrated their successful harvest, as was the English custom. Our national holiday really stems from the feast held in the autumn of 1621 by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag to celebrate the colony's first successful harvest. Contrary to what killjoy Richard Greener of the Huffington Post writes, Thanksgiving is not "a complete invention, a cleverly created slice of cultural propaganda, just another in a long line of inspired nationalistic myths."

Those of us who look toward higher angels and a higher power to inspire our lives can give thanks for the contrast that those who just wallow in the mud of revisionist history and their own self-loathing provide us because our spirits are further enriched by knowing that we possess an inner soul that seeks a light greater than ourselves and a vision more powerful than those who seek darkness. When this light shines, it casts the long shadows over those with lesser sense who focus on the misery of life in order to tear down a world view that encompasses faith, love of fellow man and rugged individualism in order to advance a collective cause based on the Marxist slogan "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

It is the contrast between these two types of people for which we can give thanks. This contrast could not exist as a reminder to us without the haters, the negative naysayers and those who choose to use their forum at websites like the Huffington Post to try to convince us that we are a bad nation whose traditions are based on evils like the killing of Indians or the slaughtering of natives (I'll save that one for my Columbus Day column).

It would be easy to become complacent and forget to give thanks if every day was a cake walk and there was no threat to the American experiment of freedom and liberty. In fact, during the times in which our country has been in existence when things have gone well and we have forgotten that there is always a wolf at the door, this is when liberalism and secularism have done their most damaging work.

We can give thanks for living in a prosperous and generous nation. As we emerged from the Reagan years and Clinton years with a strong economy, turkeys in every oven and cars in every driveway, we did not notice those in the shadows who were planting the charges and (after years of preparation and effort to erode the foundation and fabric of our society) were ready to take out our ideals with one final plunge of a lever or button in a voting booth in 2008.

Had it not been a mass revolt of sheep being led to a slaughter shortly following Obama's inauguration, we would have probably been sheared, our wool redistributed to those who don't work for it, and slaughtered, the meat of our hard work cooked and served up to a constituency that awaited their great messiah's redistributive plans to help them pay their mortgages, put gas in their cars and follow the drum beat of their unions or community organizations.

We need to give thanks to the liberals, the progressives, the socialists and the communists. We need to give thanks to the Left wing for awakening a sleeping giant and for motivating a silent majority to speak out, get out of their comfort zones and take to the streets to fight for what's right at rallies and Tea parties across America.

We were that close, folks.

We nearly lost it all. Our nation stood on the brink of fundamental transformation. But in their zest for power and their will to power, the progressive Leftist movement in America tipped their hand. When we realized they had an ace up their sleeve and that they were using the complicit media to rig their game, we woke up. They saw their intellectual community organizer who could give rousing campaign speeches as their best hope to put into action a plan of dominance that they thought none of us could stop. When he could not come through for them, their progressive movement collapsed and the rest of America saw right through it.

The battle between good and evil or right and wrong may be told in simplistic symbolic terms, but good and evil are not as easy to recognize as we think. The Left wants us to think that we are an evil nation. But this is just a cloak they put on their narrative so as to play to our inner sense of right and wrong. The concept of social justice, the portrayal of the nativity as a fairy story of a baby and a manager and using our modern sense of civility to put a twisted focus on brutal events or behavior of our ancestors during a colonial time where people had to fight everyday just for their very survival are all tricks of the light that leftists use to sway people to their point of view.

Satan is not just some red devilish figure with a pitchfork tail. He is a subtle seed of a thought that can be placed in the minds of Americans who can be led to question their heritage when history is portrayed in a revisionist, liberal light. The Devil is not some guy who knocks on your door and asks for your soul. Instead, he waits outside until you least expect it and your soul, like a dog or a cat, wanders outside a door you left open by accident.

Today is the day we give thanks to the Lord God for all that we have and all that we can become. By focusing more on the true Divine nature of our existence, we can become more aware of how the great deceiver actually plays his game. When we wander from the ideals of faith and a God who encourages us to use our free will to accept Him as the greater being, we inadvertently allow the weeds of our spiritual housing to grow large enough so that we cannot see the evil one lurking in the shadows.

When the Tea Party or Sarah Palin sheds light on the Constitution, American exceptionalism, freedom and liberty, it is as if we are watching a scene from the Exorcist every time we hear a liberal's response to this. Notice how heads spin and green puke flies from their mouths every time the "holy water" of commonsense Constitutional conservatism is sprinkled on these people.

Go forth today and give thanks to the liberals for showing us what a morally and intellectually bankrupt philosophy really looks like. If we know that the inner core of what is presented to us as hope and change is as ugly as the hell toward which they want us to move towards, we can see our true meaning and true ideals clearly standing out brightly against such a dark backdrop.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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