Sunday, November 21, 2010

Follow Me There (Open Thread)

Sarah Palin is about to go on a roll in the upcoming week. Her documentary series Sarah Palin's Alaska continues tonight at 9pm ET on TLC. Tomorrow night, she will be on Hannity for an in depth interview. Her book America by Heart is released Tuesday.

If you want to get some good tips on how to debate the Establishment and the Left when they say that Palin is thin skinned when it comes to the media or that her resignation is a liability, please read my post In Defense of Karl Rove. Don't let the title throw you off.

Stand up and Shout!

Vote early and vote often tomorrow for Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars. If the Left and people like Geraldo Rivera want to accuse us of "voter fraud" then you know what, let's get out the vote. Greg Gutfeld said "if you're going to be accused of a crime you never committed then why not just commit the hell out of that crime."

Is it possible the Palin army is so big that even if each member voted just once that Bristol will win?

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