Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If You Like Palin But Think She Can't Win, Guess What? The Media Wins.

It's an ongoing narrative. People believe there is this groundswell of dislike for Sarah Palin. The same media pundits push it. The same left wing publications push it. The same GOP Establishment people push it. It's a myth, people. It's a psychological ploy to get you to believe that Sarah Palin can't win because she is not popular enough, too polarizing or just not qualified.

There are people who say they like Sarah Palin, but they don't think she can win. Ask these people if the media has hurt her chances to become president and they will tell you yes. Then they will tell you she can't win because she's damaged goods. Okay, which is front here, the cart or the horse?

Alan Reasin, a 65-year old retired nuclear power plant engineer from Conowingo, Md and who is on the steering committee of the Cecil County Tea Party Patriots told the Daily Caller "She’s got too many negatives, not for me, but for too many people."

Where are all these people for whom Palin has too many negatives? We need spines, people.

Where are all the Palin haters voting against Bristol on Dancing With the Stars? They don't exist. Where are all these new anti-Palin blogs popping up everywhere? They don't exist. Why? Because there is no AstroTurf campaign underway right now. When she runs, you watch how many screennames and blog titles people in their pajamas are able to get.

Our numbers are real. Trust our numbers. Should Palin run, damn the torpedoes. Forget the media. THE MEDIA LIED TO YOU and now they want to subliminally get you to give up.

If in fact those who like her but don't think she can win because of the above mentioned reasons, then the media wins. All those lies, smears, hit pieces and nonsense being spewed out in the pop culture will be a worthy venture for the liberals who have pulled out all the stops to prevent her from becoming the next Ronald Reagan.

Don't let that happen.


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  1. First of all, apologies to MD and its voters, but there is NO WAY IN HELL you can be FOR Petraeus (which is who that TP is for if you read the full article) and be taken seriously as a Tea Party group. Petraeus is a leftist on most issues and is into nation-building which is not popular with most of the tea parties.

    You are correct that the numbers internally are better and that the LSM is desperately trying to convince people that she can't win.

    Axelrod is MOST afraid of facing Palin in the general in 2012 because Sarah represents a MOVEMENT, not just another starched shirt boring white guy.

  2. As bad as the polls have been in the last several elections, why on earth would ANYONE believe them any more? I hae seen poll results that were as much as 20 pts off during the presidential primaries and during the last election! They are using these polls to tell us who to vote for, first it was RINO McCain and they won that one...now it is RINO Romney. My choice is Sarah Palin and no poll is going to convince me to change MY vote!


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