Friday, November 5, 2010

Sarah Palin and the Three Kinds of People

Sarah Palin laid out her brilliant message in her National Review Online piece yesterday. "The meaning of the 2010 election was rebuke, reject, and repeal," she wrote. "But this theme will only complement the theme of 2012, which is renew, revive, and restore." She laid out a political strategy of controlling the narrative, fighting back the lies immediately and consistently, getting out the vote (and being proactive about voter fraud) and carefully crafting a winning conservative message. Herein lies an unwritten language - a language of success.

After two years the same question keeps popping up over and over again. Where is that "dumb woman" the Left keeps trying to tell us about. I just don't see it.

I see that there are three kinds of people in this world. As John M. Richardson Jr. said "When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened."

Sarah Palin and her army are the ones who can make it happen. She is a leader. She has the ability to motivate people to achieve a common goal.

But there are liberals, naysayers and negative people who will look back in 2012 and wonder what happened. These are the people who boo Rudy Giuliani on The View. These are the people who continue to go to comment boards, blogs or to their columns to write hit pieces on Palin. These are the people who tell you "she's not qualified." They live in the bubble of their own troubled or misquided minds.

But some liberals are warning their lemmings not to take her lightly. According to Texas4Palin:
Lefty Eleanor Clift at Newsweak:

"Frank Rusciano, a political-science professor at Rider University, a small liberal-arts college in New Jersey, says Democrats dancing around at the thought of running against Palin may want to recall how the Carter White House in 1980 relished the opportunity to face Ronald Reagan, an aging B-list actor who proved to be the GOP's modern FDR. Taking Palin seriously is the first hurdle a lot of Democrats would have to get over."
This brings us to those who watch what happens. These are the ones who look at the polls and tell you her unfavorables are high or that she doesn't beat Obama in a head to head. These are the people the mainstream media has been targeting since 2008. They believe everything they read. Write a hit piece without regards for the facts and these lemmings believe it. These are the people who look out their windows all day and gossip about what the neighbors do while their own lawns grow high and the mail piles up in the box.

You can forget about the first group who wonder what happened. They're brain dead. But it's the second group that for the last two years watched as the media perform mental contortionism to get them to believe that Sarah Palin was Tina Fey. But watch now. They watch. They don't move. If we just change the movie for them and show them SarahPac videos, intellectual masterpieces like the one Palin just wrote for NRO and we tell them "everybody likes her now," they will buy it.

Unfortunately (and I'm sorry for being a cynic here), like my dad used to say, you can sell anyone anything if you just put it in the right bag. For the last two decades, the political powers that be have been packaging up the crap for us and have been putting it in a pretty nice bag. On the other hand, we got a great product, but the bag isn't pretty. Let's fix the bag, not the product.

We started doing this in 2010. We were able to package the discontent with Obama and sell it. Yes, it was a hungry audience and an easy sale. But if we didn't get up off our couches to go to Tea Parties, Town Halls, blog, call Congress or campaign and if Sarah Palin flipped the malcontents the bird and just went home to collect book royalties none of this could have happened.

2012 is not about "can Sarah Palin do it?" 2012 is about making it happen. We all need to get behind her and push her to the top. This is about doing - not wishing or hoping. Don't allow the media smears or the timing of polls to throw you off. Sarah Palin is a brilliant woman with the right attitude, the right message and the right values. The American people may sometimes miss these things, but they're not unreasonable. Like Ronald Reagan said "given the facts, the people will make the right decision every time." Some who are uncertain now will eventually recognize Sarah Palin's abilities and vote for her mainly out of dislike for Obama. Others will see her for who she truly is. Either way, it's up to us to make that happen.

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  1. I think its great how Sarah is winning hearts and minds.

    America needs her leadership!


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