Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Tyranny of the Minority" - What My Townhall Blog Post Really Means

I hope you will find my latest posting on Townhall.com Tyranny of the Minority an interesting read. I've been in love with the shining city on a hill ever since the first time I heard Ronald Reagan describe it. There were two things which motivated me to write the Townhall posting: this and this. I strongly encourage those who are too young to remember the Reagan years to understand them in the context of today's political environment. Understand that it can be that way again if you are willing to fight for it.

Mark W. Hendrickson did the best job I have ever seen in making the connection between Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan. While some may think I live in the past, lamenting over the loss of the city, others may see me as looking toward the future - toward a day when we would get that city back. For some of you young 'uns who missed it the first time around: we're going to get there again.

Most of the people who read my blogs are like minded Palin supporting Reagan conservatives. But this post today is not just for them. It's for those who don't really understand fully what I'm talking about in terms of how the city can really shine. And it's for those who may want it to shine like I do but who don't yet have enough confidence or faith in Sarah Palin.

Trust her.

Understand why the liberal media lies to us and don't be taken aback by what they say about Sarah Palin. Mark W. Hendrickson explains it best when he writes "The political left is... desperate to halt Sarah Palin's political career now, before she can grow more formidable and possibly develop into her generation's Reagan."

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