Friday, May 14, 2010

The Palin Blitzkrieg (Updated)

I'm exhausted. You'd think I just gave five speeches and two interviews in 48 hours. Keeping up with Sarah Palin is harder than going to a NASCAR race. I thought keeping up with 43 cars over 500 laps was a tough job even with the new scoreboard they have at Richmond International Raceway. But this Palin thing is ridiculous. She's an energy burst the likes I've never seen before.

When I got my book signed in Fairfax, VA, I noticed one thing about Sarah Palin. She is hyper. She radiates an excitement along with an organized but fast paced way of doing things. I'm from New York originally. It's normal there to run into "time is money" fast paced people. But, who is this lady from Alaska? In today's America, it is more the exception than the norm that you find someone who can get the most bang for their buck out of the one commodity that is more important than money - time. 

We are dealing with a woman who has to compress time frames. Ronald Reagan hit the scene in 1964 and was not elected until 1980. Sarah Palin doesn't have 16 years to prep herself to become president. She only has two and a half years left. I argue this with Gingrich and Romney supporters all the time who tell me they like Sarah but that their guy is older and she will still be here in eight years at which time they will gladly support her for president.

Under most conditions, I'd say they're right. But there are two mitigating factors here. We have the most radical president ever elected in our nation's history running us into financial ruin while he weakens our defense status in front of the world (even if you concede all liberal arguments except for the one about how we are perceived) and who is growing an incredibly cumbersome if not over-controlling government with bureaucracies that threaten our liberties even if unintentionally (I won't argue motive here simply for the sake of the expediency of my argument) at the same time. And we have the political rarity of a Reaganesque figure right here right now that can stop him. She is ready to go forward with a set of principles, values and a work ethic that only such a national emergency like the destruction our national fiber can require immediately.

There are some in the Republican Party and some in the Tea Party movement who may be willing to support Palin down the road but who are too leery right now to make that commitment because they're afraid that we might get our "best monster" killed in battle because she's too young or she's too new. There are some who would be willing to wait until she got into her late fifties or even early sixties before supporting her especially after the wet behind the ears youngster we have occupying the oval office right now. But when a baseball team needs pitching and you have someone that just came up from the minor leagues with one of the best fastballs you've ever seen, you got to put them in and have faith they don't throw their arm out. We're probably going to lose  if we don't. If we do, we got a shot.

Bringing in a time tested veteran right now is only going to slow down the process of returning America to greatness. There are good quality politicians with good ideas who share our Constitutional values. Don't get me wrong. But they move at a politician's pace.

How long does it take Palin to give an hour and a half speech in Chicago? Forty minutes.

If her delivery was too fast let's just hope she can govern that way. We'll be at the shining city on a hill in no time.

Don't worry about what the media says. Replace Reagan's age issue with Palin's sex issue and both candidates have the same strengths and perceived weaknesses at the same time in their pre-electoral histories at similarly historic crossroads. And the media basically says the same things about them. That should give you your answer right there.

Wednesday night, Palin spoke in Chicago. Yesterday she did a phone interview with Megyn Kelly. Then she wrote a Facebook note. Then she spoke in Michigan. This morning she spoke in Washington, DC, but that was only after getting up early and doing an interview with Greta Van Susteren. She is currently snarling traffic at a speech in North Carolina after which she will go to South Carolina to stump for Nikki Haley. At some point this morning she also squeezed in some time for another Facebook note.

(UPDATE: Sarah Palin also appeared with AZ Governor Jan Brewer on Saturday 5/15/10 and will be appearing with New Mexico gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez on Sunday 5/16/10. She also wrote another Facebook note. I on the other hand got a lttle work done in my business and got my ex-wife's lawn cut and my lawn cut. I am now enjoying a product of the working class whose best friend floats at the bottom of a glass. I am so not worthy.)

(UPDATE 2: I can't update fast enough. A new Facebook note and another appearance at 9 am tomorrow morning - it's 1:27 am EDT as I write this. "I’m also excited to join Susana at the 9:00 am rally tomorrow, Sunday, May 16th, at the Albuquerque Marriott Grand Ballroom, located at 2101 Louisiana Blvd. NE. Space is limited, so please click here to RSVP if you can swing by and join us.")

I'm not one to give Sarah Palin advice or write something that might be taken out of context by the lamestream media, but as a strong supporter of Sarah who is a mere mortal that may not have the capability of understanding, I ask her to please eat a high calorie meal and take a deep breath. She has been saying a lot (and its all substance folks) quickly and she's not looking like she's going to fail Michelle Obama's BMI test (and she's all gorgeous folks). But if she can't slow down and throw on a couple of pounds for herself at least do it for me. I'm about ready to pass out.

But seriously, this woman is working like a dog (and its all pitbull folks) to save her country. Her work ethic is beyond incredible. If this is not an example of unbridled leadership, I don't know what else is. And she's doing this for us. I feel guilty that she's killing herself like this for my vision of America and I haven't even been able to get the lawn cut yet.

The liberals can say all they want about her from the couches where they watch Countdown eating Bon Bons, the basements where they spew out their blogs or the sugar powder and donut crumb laden desks over at the New York Times or CBS news where they work on their hit peices. But they can't say she's not outworking them.

I know we Palinistas get harrassed for worshipping Sarah. After listening to Elena Kagan gush on about Barack Obama, I can understand how some folks might want to puke if I turn on the rhetorical sweet talk. But the truth of the matter is she deserves it. She's earned it.

I remember cutting a picture out of the paper of Nancy Reagan looking up adoringly at Ronnie giving a speech and putting it in my high school underground newspaper where I wrote a caption underneath it: "Ronnie, you're a god." I read an article yesterday where the writer caught Todd looking at Sarah that same way during one of her speeches. I saw the look in people's eyes at Reagan speeches. I see that same look again now at Palin speeches.

While she's one of us and we should normally never put people on pedestals because thats from where they can fall, she deserves our admiration and she deserves to be called our leader because of what she is doing to help us take back our country.

Lloyd Marcus wrote:
Palin is not the leader of the Tea Party Movement because it does not require a leader at this time. Self appointed leaders are frauds. True leaders are selected by the people. If, or when the Tea Party movement demands a leader, Palin is a very strong contender.
While some self appointed leaders form a community which they want to organize, this community will someday organize to select its leader.

Listen. You hear it yet? It's getting louder.

Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

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