Friday, May 28, 2010

Glorious Day: The Media Complains 'Palin Trying to Undermine Us'

Who would have thought during the campaign of 2008 when the media was quoting lying malcontents in Alaska as fact about book burning, religious extremism, rape kits, etc. (we all know the plethora of lies the media has been telling about Sarah Palin since day 1) that there would ever be the day when the media would complain about Sarah Palin smearing them and undermining them! How sweet is it to hear liberal journalists complain about Fox News and to point out Palin's numerous quotes criticizing the media?

Michael Crowley of Time took to his blog to complain that Joe McGinniss moving in next door to Palin only helps her and conservatives demonize the press.
Which leads to what really bothers me about McGinniss's gimmick. It is bad for journalism. It plays right into the hands of the many people—including Sarah Palin, who is shrewdly ridiculing McGinniss—with an interest in portraying reporters as creeps with no sense of decency. Journalism faces a credibility crisis, and reporters' motives are under attack by outlets like Fox News, Media Matters and a thousand merciless blogs.
Is that funny or what?

How often have we spoken of merciless Alaska blogs and the piling on of frivolous ethics complaint after frivolous ethics complaint, each of course with an accompanying news story hit piece by the AP or the Huffington Post attached? How often have we watched MSNBC reporters trash Sarah Palin? How often have we read hit pieces about her in major "mainstream" publications?

The relationship between the media and Sarah Palin has been an abusive one. The media is like the bad husband who is obsessed with his wife but doesn't respect her, believe her or trust her. Instead he beats her and demeans her. After a while friends and neighbors come to the aid of the woman, but the woman is strong and the day comes where she gets her revenge against the bastard.

After over a year of being beaten and humiliated, the battered wife takes a chair and smashes it over the head of the "husband" who lays bleeding on the floor. And when the cops come, the husband points at her and says "she hit me, she was merciless."

Of course Sarah Palin is trying to undermine the media. What do you expect? They beat the poor woman to a pulp. They ruined her reputation, even today in some circles. They were totally unfair to her and her family.

Guess what, media? You didn't kill her. And because you didn't kill her, she is a grizzly that has reared herself up on her hind legs and she's coming for you. Do you know what happens if you anger a grizzly and you can't kill it? It kills you.

How sweet it is to watch my mantra, my rallying cry of "the media lies" being pounded home so effectively by the one for whom I cry it.

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  1. There are already at least 50 books about Sarah Palin (check Amazon.) In addition, there are tens of thousands of newspaper, magazine, and blog articles. AP recently combed through 6,000 pages of Palin's emails from when she was governor, looking for dirt, and coming up with less than pocket lint. There is also a bunch of anti-Palin websites which spew their hatred on a daily bais. So, there is essentially nothing new to report on Sarah Palin. McGinniss' book isn't scheduled to come out for another year, by then there could be another dozen books about Palin in print. The only thing he has to set himself apart from the others is his willingness to openly spy on Palin, her family, and anyone who visits them.


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