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Huffington Post Hits Sarah Palin Over the Head With a Dead Body

Huffington Post writer "Shannyn Moore apparently thinks it's appropriate to dig up the corpse of [former Alaska Governor] Wally Hickel and bash Sarah Palin over the head with it," according to God, Guts and Sarah Palin in a post that was also published on Conservatives4Palin. Moore accuses Palin of "crashing the funeral" and goes on to use a disagreement between Hickel and Palin to form the basis of her irreverent hit piece. Arianna Huffington who so hypocritically criticized Roger Ailes by telling him that hate mongering stuff on her website is "not approved" must have approved of Shannyn Moore's article since it appeared on The Huffington Post yesterday.

This is the same Huffington who has allowed the smearing of Palin on her website since August 2008. Yet she attacked Glenn Beck for forcing Van Jones out of office barely two months after the Alaska bloggers and frivolous ethics complaint filers were prominently played up on her website in the days leading up to Palin's resignation as governor of Alaska. In fact, she used many of the same arguments that Palin supporters used to explain her resignation. What was good for the goose surely was not good for the gander, especially when working within intellectually dishonest confines.

This isn't the first time Shannyn Moore has been in hot water for posting hate on Huffington Post. She was singled out by Palin's attorney Thomas Van Flein for appearing on MSNBC and talking about allegations of a non-existent federal indictment which she was speculating could have been the reason for Palin's resignation. Moore, not hiding the fact that she was rooting on this rumor to be true, also wrote this on the Huffington Post at that time:
For weeks the rumors of a criminal investigation against the governor have been brewing. They are rumors, but are swirling fresh again with Palin's resignation. I'm holding my breath for the other "Naughty Monkey" to drop. Another theory for the resignation is that the Palins would have to disclose the book deal as well as other financial details as governor.
Moore is connected with a group of Alaska bloggers who started smearing Sarah Palin when Celtic Diva was named the official Alaska DNC blogger. During the 2008 presidential campaign, almost all of the misinformation about Governor Palin came from Alaska, partly from local Democrats like Kim Elton (of Troopergate fame) and from “progressive” bloggers.

Jeanne Devon championed the work of the Wasilla Project, which was a documentary series being produced by an independent film maker for the sole purpose of smearing Sarah Palin. The project sought out Wasilla's biggest malcontents and paraded them out to speak about baseless claims against Sarah Palin on vidoes posted on YouTube. All the smears put forth by the Wasilla Project were eventually debunked despite causing damage to Palin's reputation. This is the group responsible for the rape kit rumors.

Shannyn Moore connects the whole group with the Wasilla Project in her blog Sarah Palin Blames Bloggers:

Feeling like an endangered species, Alaska progressives are tight. The Alaska Bloggers are tighter. Right after the nomination of Sarah Palin for VP, Wasilla blogger, musician, professor, and all around renaissance man, Phil Munger, threw a party at his home-the first of many. Secrecies were sworn; we were not alone in front of our computers-we had each other; Mudflats, Immoral Minority,
Writing Raven, Celtic Diva, Progressive Alaska, Alaska Report, What Do I Know, and myself, Just a Girl From Homer. Documentary crews interviewed us and protected anonymous identities at the time.

Documentary crews? There was only one documentary crew covering Sarah Palin during the campaign and that was The Wasilla Project. The below is quoted from The Wasilla Project website which is no longer online:

We've been featured on some major alternative blogs: Huffington Post, Alternet, Crooks and Liars, Wreck and Salvage among others. And we've also featured on blogs from our good friends in Alaska: Mudflats, Progressive Alaska, Shannyn Moore. Some highlights for us during the project were being on the front page of Huffington Post once and on the front page of Salon for 3 days.

And we had kind of creepy coverage in the (Anchorage) Daily News.

Ah, but the real hate mongering of today is happening in The Huffington Post where the leftovers of the Palin smear campaign have gone to continue their evil work.

Billoreilly.com explains more:

Internet sleuth Amanda Carpenter reported that left-wing blogs are gleefully attacking Bristol and Sarah Palin. "If you go to a site like the Huffington Post," Carpenter said, "they smear Bristol Palin to make a political point about her mother. They use her as a prop. Arianna Huffington permits this kind of speech to take place on her web site, she wants people on there commenting." The Factor expressed disgust at the Huffington Post and its proprietress. "Arianna Huffington is the darling of the mainstream media, but she promotes and revels in hateful comments. Huffington can make a ton of money trafficking in this kind of stuff, and it says we are just not an honest country any longer."

The Huffington Post hypocrisy is glaringly obvious considering its connections with the Alaska bloggers, the group which is also linked to the frivolous ethics complaints, whether they filed them or cheerled them on their blogs. These "supposedly independent" Alaskans who filed these ethics complaints provided the fodder that eventually ground the Alaskan state government to a hault. Then they turned around and claimed Palin was a quitter or that she was involved in some wrong doing to explain her resignation. They did all of this to get rid of Palin. So when she finally did resign, what did the hypocrites do? They complained about her resigning. Now they're whining because she's big time nationally and free to make and raise a log of money. 

Which brings me back to the damned if you, damned if you don't scenario that hypocrites like Huffington and her minions create so they leave open both arguments eliminating the need for facts. Uffda explains this tactic best:
Wow. How hateful. I can totally see why Shannyn felt the need to use Hickel's funeral to further her own political agenda.

Remember when Sarah sent out a tweet for Hickel and Moore's partner-in-obsession Geoffrey Dunn was like, "What, that's it? Just a tweet?"

Trust me, if Sarah had not attended or had said nothing at all about Hickel yesterday, Shannyn would be screaming, "See how horrible she is! An icon, a founding father of Alaska died and she doesn't care! She's a horrible witch!"
Remember the name Geoffrey Dunn, another Huffington Post hate mongerer. You will be seeing it a lot when fair minded people debunk all of his lies about The Lies of Sarah Palin when it is released.

Ah, they stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast!

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