Monday, May 17, 2010

Today's Comments 5/17/10

Rather than compose an article on a particular subject, I prefer to jump around today because there is a lot of nonsense going on in Liberalia.

First of all, it looks the Miss USA Pageant made another politically correct move this year in crowning Miss Michigan Rima Fakih over Miss Oklahoma Elizabeth Woolard who supported Arizona's immigration law during her question and answer session. Woolard becomes this year's Carrie Prejean.

Keith Olbermann proves once again what a nasty, snarling and foaming at the mouth, rabid psychotic he is in a tirade he unleashed at Sarah Palin as he named her Worst Person in the World on his show, Countdown. Oh and by the way Keith, if Palin does have to show up with her army we'll be there.

The Great "O"pologizer has done it again. President Obama apologized to China for the Arizona immigration law. Apparently we can't send a girl's basketball team to Arizona but we can send our bungling, bowing president to China.

Given the way Elena Kagan once gushed over Barack Obama, it's not a stretch to assume that she is ideologically aligned with the statist liberal views of the president. What would any logically thinking person think about me if there were any questions about me having a conservative view in line with Ronald Reagan's philosophy if they read my Ronald Reagan page? Come on Ms. Kagan, just be honest with us and tell us what a god you think Barack Obama is during the confirmation hearings, okay?

Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. John Kerry plans to unveil a repackaged cap and tax bill and have us believe it's something different. So when the vacuum salesman comes back a second time and tells you "well this is an upright electric broom, not a vacuum cleaner," just let him know it still sucks.

Let's help our younger friends understand history and recognize the parallels. Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter. Mahmoud Aminejad is Leonid Brezhnev. Our lack of effective policy on Iranian nuclear plans is similar to our lack of effective policy in containing the Soviet Union during the late 1970's. We are taxing and spending at an unprecedented rate. Unemployment is up and inflation worries loom on the horizon. Been there, done that. Guess who Ronald Reagan is?

I want you all to think hard about this one. Passion, excitement and unbridled patriotism led America out of the decline of the 1970's. It will take the same kind of exuberance to get it done again as we dig ourselves out of the Obama mess. Who best can lead us and who best can elicit that type of response from the people?

Be not afraid fellow Republicans and conservatives. Together we can build an army. They can't do anything to Sarah Palin if we all band together.

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