Thursday, May 13, 2010

Purism, Pragmatism and Going It Alone

I hope you all find my Townhall blog post Balancing Purism and Pragmatism to be an interesting read. It seems there is a bit of a tug between the Tea Party movement and the Republican party when it comes to candidates. I take a political science approach to the subject because I think it's not an "either or" situation.

As a business owner, I find that the purist ideals of our mission statement sometimes run into the hard realities of life. And while we should never take shortcuts, compromise our integrity or lose focus on our main objectives and future vision of our company, it is always important to remember that you sometimes have to pick and choose your battles and be flexible, decisive and pragmatic in addressing problems. It may not always look like the right answer at the moment. But when you look down the line at the probable outcome, if you get to your goal it's well worth it when you can kick back and say "now that was leadership!"

Sarah Palin is beholden to no one. She is beholden to the American ideal. She is a servant who is willing to take the slings and arrows of political misfortune if necessary in order to do what she feels must be done to win our country back. As it is with running a business or a family, you sometimes make decisions that are not understood or not well taken. But eventually the family or your business associates come back later and thank you for being a good mother or a good leader.

Activists need to back the “best conservatives we can elect,” Palin told the crowd in Chicago last night, and said that activists have to have some pragmatism about electability.

Warner Todd Huston explains this pragmatism:
This is a perfect echo of the old William F. Buckley principle that, in Palin's words, "the conservative with the best shot of winning" will get her support. Buckely is famous for having supported the most conservative candidate that had a chance of winning election as opposed to simply the most conservative candidate. Apparently, Palin is taking this page from Buckley's playbook.
Sometimes leaders go it alone for the good of the group, but they don't always have to.

Read more on Sarah Palin Information Blog. Gary P, who has been an invaluable asset to the Palin cause, writes another excellent piece that incorporates Karen Allen's video above.

Great read: Conservative. But Also Republican. This describes me perfectly.

Good Palin reads:
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This tweet by Sarah Palin got over 100 retweets:

Highland Park says ok 4 student trip 2 CHINA,but not r sister state-Arizona-bc they fear AZ's"not aligned w/r beliefs&values" And CHINA is?

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