Sunday, May 16, 2010

She's Running

Why would she do all this work? Don't just listen to me. Listen to Texas for Palin which quotes The Right Guy. Look at how strong Sarah Palin has been in her interviews and in her speeches. A friend of mine who hadn't followed or seen any Palin stuff in the last four months was impressed with her interview with Greta. He made the point that she has gotten even better than she was when she ran for vice president.


If anyone read any of my posts during the period between the 2008 election and the release of Going Rogue: An American Life, I specifically made it a point to focus readers on the fact that if you think she's big now, wait until 2012 when she will be a political behemoth.

She's only half way there.

The fact that Palin has refused to accept her media role as a snapshot in time and fade away as asked by left wing press proves this blogger's point that Sarah Palin has always been an evolving candidate pushing aside adversity and moving forward with all eyes on the future. In my observations, I have always felt (and still do) that she even outshines and exceeds my political expectations. It's why she's such an exciting candidate to follow.

One of the principles of success I studied when I was involved in another business back in the 1990's was that of compressing time frames. This explains why instead of cashing in on $100,000 a week income by giving one speech a week - more than enough money to live on - Palin is giving speech after speech, interview after interview and shooting out Facebook post after Facebook post.

I'm not the shapest knife in the drawer; but I would think if you were running for president you'd need more than a few million dollars to do it given how big the war chests of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are. Sarah Palin knows she only has less than 2 1/2 years left to get into position to take down President Obama. And she's capably squeezing eight years of work into that time frame.

That's why I know she's running.

You will also notice that the criticisms of her being too shallow, not intellectually curious and uninformed on the substance of issues are quickly being swept away not because she's whining about them but because she's doing something about it. No longer surrounded by the idiots who helped orchestrate John McCain's electoral loss in 2008, Palin is building a staff of advisers and engaging herself with politicos across the country. While this is still a work in progress, it is a fine work in progress which will look beautiful on the canvas of Palin's political life once the picture is fully painted.

Hang on folks. The ride only gets wilder from here.

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