Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quote of the Day 05/19/10 - Alaska Trash Blogger Hits New Low

From God, Guts, & Sarah Palin:
The Sarah Palin [Shannyn Moore] hates doesn't even exist. She fears a Palin of her own mental making. And she trashes that mental image because without it she'd be nothing.
I've referred to it before as "creating your own monster." Listen to the Bob and Mark Show clip. Every rung of that leader is spelled S-A-R-A-H  P-A-L-I-N.

It's sad that Ms. Moore would stoop so low as to use a funeral and quote a dead man to trash Sarah Palin.

They're out of ammo I guess.

(Update: Huffington Post prints Shannyn Moore Hate Piece)

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