Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rahm, is that a smoking gun or are you just not that happy to see me? (Updated)

Around the time of President Obama's inauguration, I told a friend of mine that if I had to guess who the first big scandal of the Obama administration would be it would have to be Rahm Emanuel. His style as a Chicago politician had thug written all over it. I smelled something when Blagojevich was charged with selling Obama's Senate seat. Rahm discussed that seat with Blago although no wrongdoing on Emanuel's part was ever proven. Emanuel may be in a little more hot water this time.

If your political enemy is an Alaskan, you would call it an iceberg. If your political enemy is Hawaiin, you would have to call it a tsunami, right? Well, the water is a rolling after this piece by Marc Ambinder and this one by Bill Dupray. Dupray cites Ambinder:
Well, somebody seems to have leaked to Marc Ambinder that Rahm Emanuel was the guy who may have bribed Joe Sestak with a sweet job if Sestak walked away from the Pennsylvania Senate race with Specter. In his headline, Ambinder (only half-jokingly) refers to Dick Durbin as the “next Chief of Staff.”
The oil that keeps pouring into the Gulf of Mexico may not be the only leak President Obama can't plug.

More and more, fingers are pointing at Rahm. Is this one that won't make it past the Axelrod erasor?

If and when administration officials meet with Emanuel to have the "plausible deniability" discussion, will that event be followed by a falling on one's sword or will Rahm sing like Beverly Sills? What kind of a cloud will this put over the Obama administration? What did the president know and when did he know it?

Stay tuned.

Read more on this subject here.

UPDATED: It gets worse. Romanoff memo as sent by WH Deputy COS Messina, outlining 3 potential admin jobs - Major Garrett.

Who's Messina's boss? How many Senate seats are in play here?

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