Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Bet Your Iceberg against My Tsunami

Anyone who has been following the liberal / conservative battle for decades knows that prior to the Tea Party movement, conservatives were a very docile bunch. They were dubbed "the silent majority." They worked, raised families, built businesses, went to church and voted Republican every first Tuesday in August. They weren't rabble rousers who went to rallies which would end up with tear gas being fired and resistors were dragged off to jail. They didn't engage in the politics of personal destruction. They sure as heck would never be caught dead making propaganda videos or ginning up controversies on their blogs. They were "grown ups". They trusted the system - that the system would continously allow for "grown ups" to be elected to office. On November 4, 2008, they found out they were wrong and they took action.

It has always been a belief of mine that, like Ronald said, given the facts the American people will always make the right decision every time. But we were sheep being lead to a slaughter that we had no clue about. We followed the hope and we followed the change right into the pen. Then, suddenlty we realized that the media lied to us and we became agitated. We started clawing at the chicken wire. We wanted out and we were willing to get out at any cost. We were sheep no more.

Conservatives learned quickly that the liberals owned the board. They made the rules. As such, our only hope of defeating them would be to beat them at their own game. The "grown up" world filled with opportunity and freedom had been taken away from us. We were exiles from the shining city and we want to come home. Now.

With that drive and determination, we organized. We protested. We formed online groups and started blogging. We took over social media like Facebook and Twitter. We found a voice that was ours - a voice that had once been muzzled by Steve Schmidt in the 2008 election. But enough of what she was saying got out and people quickly ran to her rallies in droves.

While the Alaska bloggers and the mainstream media tried to silence that voice by spewing innuendo after innuendo and lie after lie, Sarah Palin kept talking and writing. They could not silence her even after 26 frivolous ethics violations were tossed out as frivolous. Every "iceberg," divorce allegation, perjury allegation, maternity of her child allegation and every other element including the kitchen sink turned up nothing. Zero. Nada.

Sarah Palin is the most vetted person in American history.

Using the Alinsky rules for radicals and the Shadow Party playbook, the right went to work. And boy did they do it right. Conservatives are smarter than liberals. Why? Because conservatives use facts. Liberals use spin. And while conservatives may have reluctantly decided to get their hands dirty, they knew it was either that or lose their freedom. The choice was an easy one to make. Where conservatives beat liberals at their own game is in one minor adjustment to the playbook. It's called telling the truth.

The liberals believe that if you repeat a lie long enough it eventually becomes the truth. So what if you repeated the truth over and over again long enough. Would it not become the truth too?

Polls suggest that most Americans now believe the media lies. With her followers repeating the mantra and Sarah Palin herself hammering it home, we can say that we have gotten that message to stick. According to Pew, 57% of the public have a negative view of the national news media.

As for the politics of personal destruction, let's consider this. For the last year and a half, liberals have been smearing Sarah Palin. What they have done to her is an abomination in the world of facts and journalism. But we were not going to sit idly by and watch the left destroy one of our great leaders and destroy our movement. We took to the blogosphere and fought for our cause.

The difference is we're not as reckless and irresponsible as the left. We don't make stuff up.

Let's look at how the media handled unfounded allegations that Sarah Palin's resignation as Alaska governor was because of a "pending federal indictment." According to rightpundits.com:

The Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Max Blumenthal at The Daily Beast, and Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC have all come out with the same story at approximately the same time. One would almost think it had been sent out in a memo to the Obama media to disperse as truth for it to have been so well coordinated.
Huffington Post writer Shannyn Moore was threatened with a lawsuit by Palin's attorney Thomas Van Flein after the FBI itself, in an unprecedented move, came out and immediately debunked allegations that Sarah Palin was facing a federal indictment.

Moore would later back track and defend herself by saying that she was merely reporting on rumors.

Okay. So the left has established under their rules that reporting rumors and false allegations is okay. Surely we on the right have just as much right to President Obama's garbage can as the left has to Sarah Palin's. What if there is an allegation about the president? Can we report that? We wouldn't be doing anything differently than what those on the left would be doing to one of ours had the shoes been on the other feet.

The National Enquirer is saying "top anti-Obama operatives are offering more than $1 million to witnesses to reveal what they know about the alleged hush-hush affair [between Barack Obama and campaign aide Vera Baker]." It kind of makes me feel a little better now knowing we can play that game too. The left has created a monster and now it's about to destroy their city. He who lives by the rhetorical sword will eventually die by the rhetorical sword.

It's sweet irony that their great "messiah" may now be facing the realities of something big and bad after all the left has tried to do to take down Sarah Palin. Just desserts are surely eaten best with a fork in the right hand rather than a spoon in the left. Is it possible that the right may actually be able to bring Barack Obama down using the same techniques that the left used on Palin? Stay tuned. Hotel surveillance tape is pending.

Not to turn this into a Keith Olbermann session where we quote non-credible sources as fact. Let me make this perfectly clear. As Shannyn Moore has said before: these are just rumors. Besides, if I thought the Olbermann-Palingates connection was a legitimate journalistic technique, I would have linked to Mofo Politics a long time ago (November 6, 2008 to be precise) to break this story - which also shows that these allegations have been bubbling under the surface for awhile. Only we're not children who get all giddy and run to our blogs to start running our mouths before we know what we're talking about. We don't get paid millions of dollars by MSNBC to connect crooked dots either.

We'll wait for the surveillance footage from the hotel where the two allegedly were staying.  We don't know if the president really had an affair. We're  just saying.

There's no iceberg folks. But there surely could be a tsunami coming.

Let's have a contest.

Jesse Griffin and cast, you keep spending all your time and resources trying to uncover the "mystery" of Trig Palin and I and those I'm aligned with in the conservative blogosphere will spend our time and resources trying to uncover the truth about Vera Baker.

I bet your iceberg against my tsunami.

May the best bloggers win.

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