Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Purging the Ranks

It's time to get rid of the dead wood. We are preparing to go into battle against the forces of liberalism, radicalism and those bent on the destruction of the United States. And yet we still have a few whining cry babies on our side who are throwing hissy fits because they can't understand that Sarah Palin thinks 55 electoral votes are important enough to winning in 2012 and she didn't pick "their guy." It's better to know now who will be there in the end. Cutting a few fringe right wingers to save our country may not be a bad move, even if it was an unintended outcome.

While I have no problem with any conservative that wants to back Chuck DeVore or feels in their heart that he is the better candidate, I find it bitterly distasteful that they would take their vitriol out on Sarah Palin. Word to the whiners: you would have eventually jumped off the "Take the Shining City on a Hill" Express at some point just because you didn't get your way down the road. I'm glad it's now rather than later. The last thing we need is a bunch of you "my dogma is more important than my nation" types getting pissed off and "tweeting from the hip."

I have a word to those who want to be negative. I don't shoot first. But I shoot back, sometimes with more rounds than are necessary.

If you're going to get mad at Sarah Palin because she didn't back a "strip the California budget to bare nothing and re-establish purism" Republican to win a Senate race in California then you're nuts. And by the way, Carly Fiorina is about as ideologically pure as Scott Brown is, maybe moreso. It's funny how some of you folks thought it was great that Brown won in Massachusetts, but Carly's not good for California? I would have loved to have seen the reaction after Palin's endorsement of Brown had a more conservative candidate been trying to split the ticket and hand it to a RINO like Tom Campbell.

I'm a firm believer in the 2nd amendment. I have no right to take away your rhetorical guns. But just remember, the foxhole will be filled with Americans that want people who will spend more time and energy going after liberals, Democrats and Obama than they will with having to deal with a bunch of babies who are crying because "Sawah didn't pick my guy."

Sarah Palin tested you to see if you were more interested in the cause of America or if you were just interested in bashing her. You failed the test.

I'm all for a big tent. If you're out, it's your choice. Say so now. The rest of us are going to continue charging the hill.

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