Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Financial Madness Must Stop

That flushing sound you just heard was a trillion dollars of stimulus money going down the toilet. Sold as a "jobs program" last year by the Obama administration, Congress passed the Economic Recovery Act along with additional earmark legislation to the tune of over one trillion dollars, an amount which could have created millions of jobs even with equal deficits had we just cut taxes and eliminated the corporate income tax.

Economists and proponents of supply side economics pressed a deaf administration last year to consider anything from a hybrid of tax cuts and bailouts to an all out tax holiday for one year. The administration didn't listen and instead took our hard earned taxpayer  dollars and gave them to poorly run states so that they could keep their bureaucrats (you know those same people who lose our paperwork or deny us our land use permits) while millions of us private sector folks filed unemployment claims.

If that doesn't piss you off, consider what Sarah Palin said yesterday on the Fox Business Channel. Individuals did not benefit from the bailout. Big banks and corporations with ties inside the beltway and lobbyists did.

We lost 2.6 million jobs in 2008 and 4 million jobs in 2009. Over 6 million jobs and one trillion dollars flushed down the drain by the Obama administration and the drunken sailor-like spending spree Congress.

The madness must stop.

Mr. President!

Get to work!

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