Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some Announcements From Patrick's World USA

Patrick's World USA is also becoming a BlogTalk Radio show. I will be doing a one hour show on Wednesday nights at 11pm. For those of you who live on the left coast, that's 8pm your time. In Oakland, it could be anywhere from 7:45 to 7:55 pm depending upon how much the legalized marijuana affects your time perception.

It's time to take to the airways to put forth the conservative philosophy as I understand it. America has many leaders and many voices. I see many of them here in the blogosphere and on the other social network sites. I am proud to have been able to communicate with other radio hosts, writers and bloggers since becoming active online after the 2008 election. I feel as if I can bring something to the table and add my voice to the roar that grows louder as we head into 2010 and ultimately 2012.

I ask for your support in supporting my effort. This is a business decision. If this citizen can contribute to the movement that will eventually lead the country back to greatness and prosperity, the ability for all of us to earn money and use that money for positive things and the betterment of our communities is a free market "distribution of wealth scheme" that will do more to help all of us fight the monkey wrenches that life throws at us, help the less fortunate among us and enable us to grow our businesses or earn more income at our jobs at a time when the family unit is being beseiged by poverty and financial trouble than any Marxist, socialist or progressive scheme can do.

I believe the principles and the wisdom of Ronald Reagan is not a thing of the past. His articulation of the philosophy only enhances and explains more clearly what our Founding Fathers have written in the literature of the Revolutionary time and in the greatest Constitution the world has ever seen.

And so tonight, I endorse three strong commonsense conservatives for Congress who I think will do great things for this country in the years ahead: CeCe Heil for Tennessee’s 5th District, John Gomez for New York's 2nd District and Jesse Kelly for Arizona's 8th District. Sarah Palin has endorsed the first two, so no explanation is needed there. But Jesse Kelly was one of those candidates that just jumped out at me tonight when I listened to Mark Levin interview him on his radio program.

Jesse Kelly is ideologically dead on.  I was moved, as I could tell Mark was, by how unafraid this candidate was to speak out against liberalism in the strongest terms, stand for protecting the border and commit to sticking to his principles when he goes to Washington. Go to 91:30 of the audio and listen to this fantastic interview. Mark Levin was dead on the money when he said that we have to take back the Republican Party first and then take back the country.

I am also endorsing Karen Handel for Georgia governor.

Next up on my list, Sarah Palin will be on Fox News Sunday at 9 am Eastern time. She will "discuss the 2010 midterms, the Obama Administration, and her own political future." She will also talk about "a federal judge’s decision to block some key parts of the controversial Arizona immigration law." Sarah Palin has gone over 2 million followers on her Facebook page. In recognition of that, I encourage everyone to donate $20.12 to Sarah Pac.

Please listen to my radio show, support the candidates I mentioned and support Sarah Palin.

Thank you Jedediah Bila for your best wishes.

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