Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gone Fishing

Family's headed home for Bristol Bay commercial fishing season. Mission: slay salmon to help family biz hum along. Buy"Wild Alaska Seafood"! - Sarah Palin

I have a lot of work to do in my job and in my business. So, time is going to be tight for me for the next few weeks. I've got some productive things that have to be done with my business in the coming weeks because I have decided that I am sick and tired of having the water heater, the roof, the tub or the car go when I least expect it and when I don't have cash on hand to pay for it. I spend a lot of time supporting the conservative cause and of course the Palin cause not because I have a lot of time but because the darn woman is constantly working to help all of us make this a great nation again. It's only right that I do what I can. Now that she is going fishing maybe I can get some other work done.

It's not like I'm not going to blog or tweet. I promised someone an article which I will work on this weekend. And I have some Twitter friends who are going to the C4P meet and greet in San Diego this weekend as well. So I will be around. It's just that I may not be as crazy on here as I usually am after that for a few weeks.

Sarah Palin is a role model of success. I merely have a day job, a business and do some blogging. She works like an animal giving speeches, campaigning, raising money for candidates and causes, doing a documentary, being a Fox News contributor and working on a new book. Now I find out that she's going to take the next several weeks to work on her family business, commercial fishing. The least that I can do is take this opportunity to work on mine.

Luckily this time when the flimsily made tub (some people in America don't really give a crap anymore about workmanship) cracked, I chose the right credit card to use - the one who didn't screw me on my interest rate and the one who just sent me a letter increasing rather than decreasing my credit line. I like doing business with good people in America. It is my dream to make millions of dollars and never have to do business with anyone who does not have the right work ethic, commitment to excellence and the American spirit that is necessary to becoming successful in this great country of ours.

I also need this country to stay free market and not become a socialist state. So fighting for this cause is not just a political thing, it's a business decision. I am not in it for the mansions and the yachts. I'm in it for the freedom - freedom to travel and support the causes I want to support and freedom from, yes, the nonsense. I want America to do what it did in the 1980's again.

I was too young to really cash in completely on that round. Fresh out of college, I joined a company that had 50 employees. It exploded and ended up with over 1000 employees all because the policies of Ronald Reagan created an economy where money flowed to those who were willing to work for it. I didn't own that company, but the one I own now has a similar potential - only if the economic conditions are right. With Bob McDonnell as Governor of Virginia and Sarah Palin as President of the United States, conditions just may be right for going after that dream.

While Sarah is working on her fishing business, I'll be working on my business. If we all work hard and do what we have to do, and if we can get the bureaucratic tax sucking nanny state monster off our backs, we can all be successful. First we need to slay the dragon of big government. Then we need to unleash this industrial and entrepreneurial giant again and let it go.

Don't let the naysayers tell you that free market capitalism is not humane. It is those who stifle free enterprise who are inhumane. Vote them out. I want my country back.

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