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Sarah Palin is Playing You Dopey Liberals Like A Piccolo

The key to public relations and selling your brand is to get your name out and to keep it the minds of everyone who hears it. We know that Hollywood actors and actresses, companies that sell new and innovative products, musicians and bands and of course politicians rely on popularity and name recognition as their way of selling their product or brand. A friend of mine whose sister is in the public relations business is not a big Sarah Palin fan. But he knows one thing, being familiar with his sister's business and having helped her from time to time. He has told me regardless of Palin's politics or what he thinks of her, she is the greatest self promoter he has ever seen in the business.

Installing a song, a product, a movie or a politician's name into the brain requires getting it into the subconscious of people to really make it stick. If you can hum that tune that's stuck in your head or if you can remember a movie because the actress appeared in a bikini in a tabloid, you have been marketed to successfully.

Sarah Palin is blitzing the subconscious minds of millions of Americans. For those who like her, it's a good thing because it reinforces their belief that she is a great American with a good heart who is trying to do good things for our country. When she gets into their subconscious, it interacts with all that is good in their hearts. For those who don't like her, particularly hard core left wing liberals and old school crony elites, it's not a good mix. Those who are already troubled deep down in their psyche because their ideology is flawed, their set ways of retaining power for self gain is on shaky ground or maybe just because they're already a miserable person to begin with will find a major firing of neurons of the painful variety when that off balanced brain is attacked with Palin stimuli.

Thus, you have the miserable sacks of human waste who go to the comment boards of articles about Palin and spout off stupid stuff about how dumb she is and wishing she would die and all that nonsense. These people think they are getting others to buy into the meme that Sarah Palin's existence should be "refudiated" or that she should go get her own country with a fence around it. They're not. They're showing other people how deeply miserable and troubled they are. They are revealing their inner hell and most of us positive people don't want to have anything to do with that. Negativity is like cancer and it spreads. Smart people stay away from it.

Fat, over-coffeed and wasting your day posting stupid idiotic comments about someone whose garbage you wouldn't even be qualified to take out is no way to go through life.

Sarah Palin wrote on her hand and the moronosphere went nuts. She wrote "energy", "budget cuts", "tax cuts" and "lift American spirits." She did two things that day. She planted the line "how's that hopey changey thing going?" And she wrote on her hand. We don't remember that it was the Nashville Tea Party Speech 2/16/2010. Yet political scientists who watch that speech over will tell you it was one of her best ones to date. They think that because the substance of the speech was excellent, it was a well written speech and a well delivered speech. But is it possible that speech ranks high because of the subconscious stuff she did? Only a psychologist can figure that one out.

Here's why she wrote on her hand. The bumper sticker stuff, the stuff that any moron can remember is a catchy slogan like "hopey changey." But the core meat, the actual intellectual stuff, the political philosophy and issue positions are too boring for our pea brains to take in.

She didn't write on her hand because she's dumb. She did it because we're dumb. I'm not saying that as a put down. I'm saying it as a psychological truth. We are more interested in how many days Lindsay Lohan is spending in jail than we are about the intracacies involved in the Financial Reform law. It's human nature. It's the way we are. Sarah Palin was trying to teach us the boring political philosophy stuff while trying to entertain us with a fun speech at the same time. Her father was a teacher. He knows the techniques. She knows them, too.

Human nature is human nature. You have to train the brain to learn. Naploean Hill once wrote that in order to control how we think, we need to to control what we put into our subconscious mind. We don't want to be failures. But some of are. We manifest who we are by acts of commission where we teach our brains to think the right way or by acts of ommission where we allow anything to go into our brains, even if its crap.

Those who market, market to the ones who allow anything to go into their brains.

Those who control their brains already know whether someone like Sarah Palin fits their ideological make up. If she does, great. If she doesn't, no big deal. There are a bunch of folks on the left who will never vote for her and there are a bunch of us on the right who will.

But there are a bunch of mush brains sitting on the fence. They are not liberals. They are not conservatives. They are people who have allowed the lying media and filty slobs of the left to put garbage into their brains. And like a gumball machine full of the black ones, for every cherry red one you want to put in there, you have to remove a black one. When the machine is full, that takes time.

So Sarah Palin needs to put the cherry red ones in. But many people still have the black ones in there. So you know what she does? She gets everyone to spew out all the black ones with a dastardly trick. She turns the meme that she's dumb back on them and suddenly her name is being stuck into the brains of millions. Normal people will think it's stupid that the media is going to the lengths they are to go after her for a silly human mistake. Those are the people she is shooting for.

We know politicians who talk a lot and write a lot are going to trip up. I know Barack Obama will stumble on words from time to time. I know Reagan did. I know Bush did. I know the most trained media people do. Other than the "57 states" gaffe (which I think is more than a gaffe - it's a real slip up for someone trying to cover up who he really is), I wouldn't even care about Obama's verbal or rhetorical mistakes other than to use the multitude of them to rebut those who put every nuance of Sarah Palin under a microscope. Other than that, I know he's human.

She said the word refudiate on Hannity's show. She meant to say repudiate. But it was stuck in her head. We all have nuances. For months I spelled hatred as "hatrid" even though I knew it was wrong. I finally got it out of my head. She's human, too. But Sarah Palin realized that she said refudiate instead of repudiate and instead of letting the media control the meme, she turned it back on them.

She knew when she posted that tweet that she wrote refudiate. She deleted the tweet.... on purpose. She knew that people have applications that would keep the deleted tweet. She knew that if she posted "refute" instead of repudiate that she would double whammy the moronoshere.

Ozzy Osbourne was trying to market himself as a wild man so that his rock and roll persona would sell albums and get people to come to his concerts. He had people throwing plastic bats on the stage and he was biting the heads off. But someone threw him a curveball - they threw him a real bat. He bit its head off.

The headlines were negative. Ozzy was an idiot or he was evil or he was cruel to animals or whatever the meme of the day was. He had a conversation with Alice Cooper who told him not to worry. Cooper told him it doesn't matter whether they believed him or not that he didn't mean to bite the head off that bat; it matters that they're talking about it. Bad press is better than no press.

Did that stop Ozzy Osbourne from pursuing his career? Did that stop fans from coming to his shows or buying his albums? No. The more the buzz, even bad buzz about animal cruelty or being a devil worshipper and so on helped him. It helped him attract the people who could look past all that petty stuff and it helped him repel the people who couldn't.

Sarah Palin is playing the liberal media now, although they still think they are playing her. She's on to them - that they have been playing the subconscious mind game. Since she appeared on the stage with John McCain in 2008, they have been bombarding us with lies and innuendo. There are people today who still thinks she kills turkeys or shoots wolves from helicopters for sport. There are people who still think she can see Russia from her house.

Jean Paul Sartre said Hell is other people. He also said not to fear the look because you can always look back. We've been afraid other people would destroy Sarah Palin. We've been afraid that we couldn't stop the damage the media has done to her. We've been pulling our hair out since 2008 about the media and her. They've been looking at us. We have not been looking at them, until now.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Sarah Palin has been trapped in a steel cage, a media hell. So when you're trapped in the steel cage with an enemy that wants to kill you, what do you do? You beat them at their own game of course. She will not be able to get out of the cage until she defeats the enemy and can climb to the top and open the gate. She can defeat the media and therein lies her path to victory.

The liberals and the media have been playing a vicious mind game with us. Knowing they can't defeat Sarah Palin in the arena of ideas, they are trying to constantly plant bad caricatures of her into our minds hoping we will not see who she really is. Sarah Palin has found a way to beat them. Those who are afraid she's unelectable because of the media, fear not. She figured out their game and she's playing it back at them. Why do you think she posted the Daily Caller story about JournoListgate on her Facebook page? It's something I've been saying since we lost the election. Hammer it home. Don't sell Sarah Palin. Sell the people on the fact that the media lies to them. Once they realize that, they'll figure the rest out.

Sarah Palin has been championing the cause I set forth early on right after Obama was elected. Anyone who knows me, knows that the rebuttal to any argument is "the media lies" and let's beat them at their own game. Andrew Breitbart is using Shirley Sherrod to smear the NAACP. Why? Because they smeared the Tea Party. Two wrongs don't usually make a right, but in this case it does because you do have to fight fire with fire. When we didn't fight the fire with fire, George W. Bush and the Republicans got crushed.

The liberals got Sarah Palin to resign. We got Van Jones to resign. It's a game. Yes, it's high stakes. But you have no choice but to know the game or politically die. It's that simple. Rush Limbaugh warned us for years that the liberals were not just trying to beat us, they were trying to destroy us. This is a fight to the political death, not bean bag.

The liberals won the last election. They own the board. Unfortunately, we have to play their game. We may not like getting our hands dirty, but getting out of quicksand requires getting mud on yourself. We are smarter than them. We can beat them at their own game. When we win, then we can make the rules. Then the grown ups can be in charge.  Elections have consequences. Til then, we rock.

I don't know how cool it is under blogger ettiquette to quote comment posts, but it's important to read this one from SE Cupp's article in today's New York Daily News. If you didn't understand a single word of my post, maybe this will make more sense:
Word trouble? Hardly. Sarah Palin plays the parrott press like a piccolo, then chuckles all the way to the bank. Remember, she said "refudiate" in a "Hannity" appearance, but got no response, so a few days later, she wrote it out on "Twitter" so everyone could see the spelling; and, Bingo!
It's like dangling a yarn string out in front of a cat now, isn't it?

Now let's go win!

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