Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attention Yahoos: We Are On Offense Now

Right around the time of Barack Obama's inauguration, I wrote a webpage where I outlined what I thought needed to be done to save the conservative movement and bring it back to power. Although, I have updated it as new examples, quotes and links have come up, the basic tenets of the page have not changed as I had made a commitment to myself that the basic tenets would not change given the importance of conservatives sticking to what they're supposed to do and not veer off the road like we've done in the past.

The main focus of the page was to express the need to make the point that the media lies and to outline ways that we could beat the liberals at their own game.
We must begin a long drawn out campaign to fight the anti-conservative, anti-Palin, anti-Beck, anti-Limbaugh smear attack that is occuring right now. We must respond to these misguided individuals. Don't pick petty fights. Just write calmly. Focus on attacking the media and getting moderates, independents and libertarians to understand that they are being duped. Call liberals and power elites on their Alinsky tactics. Let them know you understand the rules of the game and are prepared to defeat them.

And, don't be naive. Understand what we're dealing with. They are hell bent on destroying our movement.
I wrote a post for Palin Twibe about how Sarah Palin is one with her followers. She sees what we see and she wants what we want. She has our back and we have hers. She stands for what we believe in. We stand for what she believes in.

Sarah Palin has stood for the causes of activists like Pamela Geller who don't want the mosque in New York by using Twitter and Facebook. She stood for conservative talk radio show hosts like Tammy Bruce by going on their shows. She stood for supporters of life by fundraising for them. She stood for business people by doing speeches for them. She stood for the military by visiting wounded soldiers and speaking out on her Facebook page and Twitter. She stood for people like Nikki Haley who wanted to rid their government of corruption. She stood for Israel and she stood for the oppressed people of Iran.

Now she stands for my cause. For me, my message has and always been "the media lies." If there is anyone who is one with me on my cause now, it's Sarah Palin. So I stand with her, proud to read her tweets and Facebook note on the subject and let you know that these quotes of hers are right on the money.


We are on offense now. With the Daily Caller firing with all barrels, Andrew Breitbart exposing ACORN and the NAACP for the partisans they really are, Conservatives4Palin shooting down with precision every liberal missile aimed at Palin and little ole me sitting here at the keyboard just trying to convince people that the media has warped their sense of who the Tea Party is, who Sarah Palin is and who we are as conservatives, we are lighting it up now, baby!

To quote Tammy Bruce, "there will be no  more free shots."

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