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Gary P. Jackson: The Day That Changed History

Gary P. Jackson of A Time For Choosing gives us an on the money analysis and recollection of the "Resignation That Stunned the Nation." It is a great read not only for Sarah Palin fans, but for anyone who would like to understand the truth about why she resigned and why it is now looked back on as one of the greatest political moves in modern times. One year has passed giving us the answers that many of us were looking for that fateful July 3rd in 2009. I'll let Gary explain:
Sarah Palin, this leader among men, told us exactly what she was going to do. She laid out the case that she had made up her mind not to run for a second term. She explained she didn’t care for lame duck politicians who spent their days wasting tax payer money going off on junkets and such. Sarah went into great detail about the damage Obama’s thugs had done, and the obscene amount of money they had stolen from the Alaskan people.

Lastly though, Sarah spoke to the future. Sarah told the Alaskan people that she would never stop fighting for them. She also said that she would go around the nation aiding Conservative causes, and help Conservative candidates who sought elected office.

This was an aggressive agenda, for sure.

Sarah saw what we saw though. She saw a very dangerous man in the White House whose agenda will destroy the Republic and the lives of all of us who live in this great nation. Though she’s never said it, I imagine she felt it was her duty to personally take this tyrant on. Damned good thing too, as so far, she is one of the very few who have had the spine to do it, and most certainly the only high profile leader to do so.

The phone was rather quiet at first. Neither Ron nor I knew exactly what to say. Stunned is the right word. We knew what she had been going through, better than most, and certainly understood that she did the right thing for the Alaskan people. But we wondered if the people at large would get it. We wondered if decent Americans would understand just how dirty Chicago politics are, and the price one must pay to fight evil.

Honestly, I still don’t know the answers to those questions, though I think most Americans get it.

One thing about it though, by the time we were done running all of the different scenarios by each other, and discussed future possibilities, we were in agreement that this was indeed a brilliant, and inspired move.One that would not only stop Obama’s thugs in their tracks, but frustrate the entire left from now until the end of time.

Since then, the brilliance of Sarah’s move has become more evident with each passing day.

For the Alaskan people, Governor Sean Parnell has proven to be quite capable, and hasn’t strayed from the Palin Doctrine of good government. The Alaskan people are well served, and they are millions of dollars better off than if Sarah had stayed and fought a losing battle.

Sarah has made good on every promise. She is one of the best spokesmen Alaska has ever had. I don’t know if you’ve looked, but shows about Alaska are everywhere, and quite popular. Sarah is about to add her own show about the great state to the mix.

Politically, Sarah Palin is a powerhouse. She stands head and shoulders above everyone else. Her endorsement of a candidate is coveted, and as Rick Santorum stated recently, the only one that matters. She has made a difference in some very high profile races, and chosen solid leaders to replace corrupt, out of touch losers,

Personally Sarah has done quite well, and she deserves absolutely every bit of it. Her first book sold over 2.5 million copies, was a number one best seller, and her tour had people camping out overnight, in terribly cold weather, just to get a chance to meet her. She has a second book due out this fall.

Sarah promised to speak out for causes that mattered and has raised a boatload of money for organizations she believes in. She’s raised a lot of money to support our troops, special needs children, pro-life causes, and education.

As a motivational speaker, Sarah is constantly in demand. Same goes for the political arena. She headlines everywhere to sell out crowds, as she delivers a message of real hope, and real change.
A light shines in the darkness of the Obama years. I wasn't following Sarah Palin the way Gary did prior to her selection as VP candidate. But I remember the despair and hopelessness as John McCain spoke to sparse rally crowds and conservatives grumbled about the impending Obama presidency. And I remember how that despair was washed away by the rekindling of my "Reagan heart" when I saw her speak at the Republican National Convention.

The morning it was rumored that Palin would be selected as the VP candidate, I scoured the web reading article after article. All I kept saying to myself was "this is too good to be true." When I went to the car, Rush Limbaugh was broadcasting McCain's introduction of her. It was real.

Everything I concluded was confirmed by the look in the eyes of the people as Sarah Palin delivered her RNC speech. If you had just seen the crowd without seeing or hearing the speaker, you would have thought Ronald Reagan had risen from the dead and was addressing the crowd. The reality of the situation was close enough, though.

When the election was over, I knew that getting through the Obama years was going to be tough, but not as tough as it would have been without Sarah Palin. When news of her resignation broke, there was that moment when it flashed in my mind "what if she's gone forever?" She quickly erased that fleeting moment of fear with her tweet and her Facebook posting telling us to hang in there and that "it was all good." My political world appeared to be crumbling and Sarah Palin told us not to worry. She told us to trust her and she was right.

I share Gary's heartfelt thanks to leader who has inspired us and given us hope in the darkest of times.

I have lived through 11 Presidents. I’ve seen poor leaders, as well as one great leader among them. I’ve seen a lot of pretenders to the throne. Never in the history of the Republic have we witnessed a tyrant like Barack Obama though. The amount of damage this corrupt Chicago rabble rouser has done is simply mind boggling.

Thankfully, we have a leader who is up to the task. Someone whose love for our country is above reproach. A true patriot, and a true warrior.

A lot has been said, and a lot will be said. In the end though, one must simply say: Thank you Sarah Palin.

You are a bright light in otherwise dark times. You are the one true leader this nation has. The one person who has the guts to take on Barack Obama with full force and never give an inch.

No matter how viciously you are attacked, you just come back twice as hard, landing blow after devastating blow to Obama and all of those who would seek to destroy America.

Thank you for unselfishly relinquishing power for the good of your neighbors, and thank you for never backing down against evil.

On July 3rd, 2009 you changed the world. You started writing a new chapter in history. A history that now looks to have a happier ending than it once did.
When Ronald Reagan passed in 2004, we were left alone in the political wilderness. President George W. Bush issued this statement: "Now, in laying our leader to rest, we say thank you." Yes, "our leader" was gone. The millions of us who still wanted it to be a shining city on a hill were now leaderless. Our (Republican) party floundered. The liberals seized the opportunity to gain control of the city which has gone into ruin and decay on their watch. But someone showed us a way out of the wilderness. Someone stepped up to be our leader. Her name is Sarah Palin.

We are finding our way out of the wilderness as she has leads our hearts back to that shining city. We can see it in the distance through the trees. We know we can get it back and rebuild it. We grow nearer to securing the first position in taking it back: the 2010 elections. After that, we can complete the job in 2012.
It would only be fitting that we put our shining city on a hill into the capable hands of one Sarah Heath Palin.

Ronnie, we are coming home.

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