Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quote of the Day 07/01/10

Adrienne Ross offers the best articulation and explanation of how Sarah Palin brings out the best in positive people and the worst in negative people:
After searching for a while, the interviewer discovered one tiny American flag in the midst of the haters. The sound of it waving in the wind certainly wasn't loud enough to drown out the man who declared he hated the Constitution. No wonder they don't like Governor Palin: she stands by our beloved Constitution. She's an American through and through.

Now, the Governor had a crowd of supporters gathered, as well. The difference between them and the anti-Palin people was glaring. Pro-Palin people were carrying flags, singing "God Bless America," and reciting the "Pledge of Allegiance." They were smiling, civil, and respectful. They demonstrated a clear love of America. When asked why Governor Palin had their support, they spoke intelligently of her support for our troops, her belief in our Constitution, and her position as a mom and role model. In spite of having Gatorade thrown at them, as one supporter claimed, they were happy and expectant of great things ahead--unlike their adversaries, who seemed quite miserable and dissatisfied with life. How sad that their worldview doesn't seem to offer them more hope and joy. When juxtaposed with the light emanating from Governor Palin and her supporters, the Left's darkness is that much more obvious.
That about says it all. Read the full article and see the video here.

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