Sunday, July 18, 2010

Karen Handel For Georgia Governor

I am endorsing Karen Handel for Georgia Governor because there is a trend in this country toward returning pricipled people to positions of leadership. As a Republican, I watched my party detoriate after Ronald Reagan left the national stage in 1992. I walked into the liberal bastion of a college town in upstate New York in 1984 to register to vote after liberal students successfully lobbied the state to allow students to register to vote in the town or city where they went to college as opposed to their hometown. When I checked off the Republican box for my party affiliation, I did so to stick it in their faces and to register my support for the great Ronald Reagan. And I officially became a Republican.

My party was not supposed to become a party of cronies or good ole boys. I've watched my country go down the toilet because GOP insiders were more interested in retaining power and relationships with people who were running their businesses into the ground while getting special favors or getting special treatment from government. That nonsense got us in trouble with liberals before Reagan and it got us in trouble with liberals after.

The Democrats were able to seize power in 2008 because Republicans were too couched and too wrapped up in seeing to it that their own individual interests were placed above those of the people they represent and the party to which they were supposed to serve.

Knowing that the Democrat party was even worse and filled with more sludge than my party, I stayed the course almost conceding the fact that now that Ronald Reagan was gone, politics would return to being, like he said, the second oldest profession on earth. I love my party and now I have an opportunity to see it win again -  the right way this time.

Sarah Palin hit the scene and suddenly there was a chance that returning integrity to my party was possible. I've always been amazed as a businessman that entrepreneurs big and small always compete for market niche, yet the market niche for integrity is wide open. That is where I intend to focus on in my business. There is no competition there. A lot of people are scum. Call me cynical, but also call me self interested and call me greedy. If there is a vacuum in the segment where integrity is required, I want to capitalize on that.

And in politics, the same rings true. Democrats and Republicans have been selling us bills of goods and talking out of both sides of their mouths since Bill Clinton became president. There are sections of the political spectrum that have been filled by many candidates on both sides of the aisle. But one section that went virtually ignored until Sarah Palin hit the scene is "right wing integrity-ist."

Palin is trying to fill that section with her endorsements. One of those is Karen Handel who, like Palin, puts principle before politics. I may be just a ditto or a rubber stamp of whoever Sarah Palin endorses. That's fine. Say what you will. I am so in agreement with what Sarah Palin is doing and the reasoning behind why she endorses certain candidates that it is fair to say I'm in the tank. But I'm in the tank for a reason.

If I want my country back, I need to take my party back first so it can win. Sarah Palin is a hero and a warrior that is allowing me to see that happen. For all of her fine work and effort, I salute her and am proud to endorse the person she has brought to my attention, Karen Handel.

When Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie won their governorships, I knew we were beginning to put the first pieces of the puzzle into the rebuilding and retaking of our great beacon of freedom, the United States of America. Seeing leaders like Nikki Haley and Karen Handel rise to the forefront just raises my hope even more that we can make this place as great as it was when Reagan was president.

Please support Karen Handel for Governor of Georgia.

Join Sarah Palin and Governor Jan Brewer and support Karen Handel for Governor

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