Friday, July 30, 2010

For $20.12 You Can Get Your Country Back

Things may have been bleak a year or two ago. The effort required to save our country from the statists, the liberals and the progressives might have seemed overwhelming then. Sarah Palin was under attack from the liberal media, the Democrat party, liberal organizations across the country and even some of her own ungrateful constituents in Alaska. But things have changed. Sarah has fought her butt off to get this thing back to where it was. And today, it only costs $20.12 to get your country back.

Send SarahPac $20.12. If enough people do this, Sarah Palin will have the resources needed to fight for us. You have seen the causes that she has stepped up to the plate for. She has spoken out on almost every issue imaginable. And she has been right every time.

She is our voice. The more we send, the louder our voices will get.

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