Monday, July 19, 2010

Keep This Handy For When You Change Your Mind About Palin

This is specifically for the fence sitters with the "ah, I like Sarah Palin but I don't think she can be president" opinion. I give my express permission to copy and paste this and use it as your own when the time comes.

I realize for many, there is still more that has to happen to convince you. But hold on to this until at least January or February of 2011. If you still don't need it then, hold on to it until 2012.

Here goes:

I have had serious reservations about Sarah Palin's qualifications for the presidency since the 2008 election.

I was shaken up by the Katie Couric interview. It appeared that John McCain had picked someone that was not ready to be president. While I don't think it cost him the election (she energized the base and the financial collapse hit at the worst possible time), it did bother me that unnamed aides were pointing out that she didn't know certain important things.

Sarah Palin is a good conservative and has done many good things for the conservative cause. However, it was hard to get past a lot of the lingering doubts in my mind.

I began to question all of that when she wrote her book (which became a best seller) and continued to draw huge crowds at speaking engagements even though she was now a private citizen. It caused a kind of cognitive dissonance as to how this person who has been portrayed by the media as not being smart enough to be president was capable of reaching out to millions of people via her Facebook page, appear on Fox News as a contributor, communicate her positions on issues effectively and make a string of political endorsements that turned out to be winners; and for the few that were not, the candidates lost by much smaller margins than they otherwise would have.

How is possible that the caricature that has been painted by the media and GOP insiders is completely different from the reality of how well she really is doing? I don't see any of the other candidates getting the headlines or the face time that she is in the political arena. Yet, they call her dumb.

After seeing her speech to the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee and the video "Mama Grizzlies," I think this woman is extremely savvy. No one as dumb as the political meme sets forth could resign her governorship, write a book, release such a powerful video and raise the kind of money her PAC has if the meme was correct. And how is it possible she has a 76% favorability rating among Republicans?

I think its time to rethink Sarah Palin. Discard all the media damage caused by left wingers and disaffected insiders and take a fresh look at her. In doing so, I think you will find that she is much more qualified a presidential candidate than the way she is being presented by the media.

What kind of sauce goes with crow, and can you please pass it.

Discounting her chances and discounting her abilities was a big mistake.

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If you think I'm kidding, read this. It's starting already.


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