Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is Up With Two of the Three Republicans for Alaska Lt Gov?

Jay Ramras and Mead Treadwell are having some credibility problems in the Lieutenant Governor's race in Alaska.

"I have to laugh that Jay Ramras, the guy who sold his stance on Pebble Mine to Bob Gillam for a hefty 'donation' by (Christian) Gillam to Jay's synagogue is going to stand up and point fingers at Sarah Palin right now," ER Dee wrote on ADN.com in April 2009.

It is also coming to light that Mead Treadwell gave contributions to Democrats Matt Claman and Sheila Selkregg.

Are there any real candidates running for Lieutenant Governor in Alaska that are who they say they are? Actually, yes, there is one. Eddie Burke has been a long time conservative activist and radio talk show host who, despite whatever criticisms his opponents may try to throw it him, can never be accused of not being consistent and who does not have a record of saying one thing and doing another.

Eddie Burke has stood up to the establishment when it was cool and when it wasn't cool. He has taken strong stands on the 2nd Amendment, parental rights and economic freedom. His positions are steady and they are strong. There is no flip-flopping on environmental issues and there are no seedy contributions to "the enemy" or from "friends." While the other two candidates try to claim they are conservatives, Eddie really is one.

Alex Gimare wrote this about Jay Ramras in 2007 at a time when folks were getting fed up with the good ole boys' network:
A Republican member of the Alaska Legislature joined the anti-Pebble Mine fight in early September by sending a letter of concern to the State Attorney General’s Dep artment of Law Criminal Division accusing Northern Dynasty, the local company pursuing the Pebble Mine of bribing local native leaders with jobs, cash, and other inducements for their support of the mine. Rep. Jay Ramras (R – Fairbanks) apparently does not think that hiring locals to work in new projects is a good thing. Northern Dynasty has been out in the region, schmoozing the locals, promising jobs, hiring people, and doing the things necessary to get a multi-billion project off the ground, all in the face of withering, hysterical environmentalist and NIMBY opposition. None of this is against the law. Native leaders in the region immediately cried foul, accused Ramras of libel, and st arted threatening lawsuits. I expect a few to be filed. Ramras, who had a reasonable reputation as a conservative, apparently has become close to the chief anti-Pebble opponent Bob Gillam. Gillam donated a small amount to Ramras, well within the limit of current Alaska campaign finance laws. On the other hand, he also donated $10,000 to Ramras’ Jewish Temple in the Fairbanks area. The donation was discussed in excruciating detail on local Anchorage talk radio late last week. Ramras may have stepped in it big time regarding Pebble, as the Fairbanks area is pretty supportive of mining and development, and has long had its fill of anti-development greens, NIMBYs like Gillam and their enablers in both parties. Apparently Ramras allowed himself to get schmoozed by Gillam into taking an anti-mining stance all under the guise of fighting corruption. There are primaries next August for the legislature. This includes the House of Representatives in the state legislature. I expect Ramras to have some opposition, as this thing to blow up nicely in his face.
Ramras was not the only one "dancing with the devil." A lot of questions are now being raised by conservatives and independents after Burke's campaign uncovered contributions to Democrats from "so called conservative" Mead Treadwell. The Burke campaign put out this press release:
Documentation available from the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) indicates that Alaskan voters should pay close attention to the recipients of Mr. Treadwell’s recent political donations. While his close friendship, support for and countless donations to Senator Lisa Murkowski’s campaigns are public knowledge, it is his donations to liberal, big-government Democrats Matt Claman (here and here) and Sheila Selkregg (here) that should concern Republicans and Independents alike.

According to his APOC Contribution Report, Mr. Treadwell donated $100 to Ms. Selkregg’s Anchorage Municipal Campaign. He also donated $200 on two separate occasions (March 2009, February 2010) to Matt Claman’s Anchorage Municipal Campaign, totaling $400. In fact, according to APOC, Mr. Treadwell’s most recent candidate contribution was to Mr. Claman. Did it ever cross Mr. Treadwell’s mind that he was donating $400 to an individual who sponsored the divisive Ordinance 64: The Anchorage Gay Non-Discrimination Ordinance? These are not the actions of a “real conservative.

On the contrary, this sounds like an individual who is playing both sides of the fence – a candidate who talks the conservative talk, but does not walk the conservative walk. Alaskans should be asking, “Why is a so-called conservative candidate providing financial support to such liberal politicians?”
Alaska has a chance to move forward and grow stronger. The choice is between a two-faced, back room, crony good ole boy network style of politics from the past or real and courageous conservativism. There is only one guy that demonstrates the grit and determination to make his state a place to be proud of. The other two are just trying to crawl back into the dirty holes of corrupt politics that existed prior to the Palin administration when Alaskan politics made the state look more like the alternative in "It's a Wonderful Life" that was known as Pottersville.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. The last post was deleted because poster had no profile and there was no link to the article he referenced. There is a no slander policy here at this site.

    Do not astroturf and do not "reprint" things without proper link or reference.


    "A tearful, apologetic Eddie Burke pleaded no contest Thursday to misdemeanor charges for grabbing at a waitress's crotch, then offering to pay her $400 to keep her from reporting him to the police. Burke, owner of a downtown gas station and former Anchorage Assembly candidate, was fined $1,500 for assault and compounding a crime."


    Read more: http://nl.newsbank.com/nl-search/we/Archives?p_product=AS&p_theme=as&p_action=search&p_maxdocs=200&p_text_search-0=eddie%20AND%20burke%20AND%20court&s_dispstring=eddie%20burke%20court%20AND%20section(all)%20AND%20date(7/1/1994%20to%2012/31/1994)&p_field_date-0=YMD_date&p_params_date-0=date:B,E&p_text_date-0=7/1/1994%20to%2012/31/1994)&xcal_numdocs=20&p_perpage=10&p_sort=_rank_:D&xcal_ranksort=4&xcal_useweights=yes#ixzz0tv3ZJ1Qb

  4. It's pretty sad that the last post does not contain any logical or reason-based rebuttal to any point of policy or political philosophy. The fact that it happened in 1994 also says more about the commenter than the one being commented on.

    1994? Come on. Some people overcome youthful indescretions and turn their lives around. This usually includes repentance, apology and stopping the behavior that caused the problem in the first place.

    Satan is an evil being who finds his way into the hearts and minds of people who are not paying attention to what's right. By recognizing Satan in one's sin, one is able to rebuke him and find God's help in moving forward and making one's life a more positive journey which sometimes includes a desire for public service as one's way of making things right in one's community or state.

    Everyone knows that Eddie sought the help necessary to rid him of the evil long ago. On the other hand, we have pity and pray for the one with hatred in their heart who have not yet recognized that they are motivated by the forces of darkness within their own souls.

    Some recognize the evil Satan plays in their lives and correct it. Others just go on blindly allowing the hate to eat them alive.

  5. Unlike Mead Treadwell who deleted my simple question asking him to address the contributions he made to big government Democrats on his Facebook page, I have chosen to be the bigger man and allow a comment that I know is politically motivate and (unlike my comment on Treadwell's page) does not address a specific point or political question which is relevant to TODAY to stand.

    I believe in real political discourse. Those who know Great Grey's political leanings will clearly understand where he is coming from.

    It's easier to man up and address an issue head on than it is to simply delete something because you don't like it. That's called courage.

    Thank you, Great Grey, for allowing me the opportunity to point this out. Mead Treadwell may not be as thankful now that you have inadvertently allowed me to point out his lack of courage in handling a much easier comment to address than the one you made.

  6. Well lets have some discussion Pat.

    I seem to remember when Sarah Palin formed her PAC, one of the things she said was that she wouldn't be giving money to candidates based upon party affiliation. She said she would be giving money to the "best candidates".

    Palin supporter, including you, applauded this.

    Now you come forward with allegations (blog entries and comments from the ADN) against Mead giving money across party lines, and suddenly that's a bad thing.

    Which is it Pat, good or bad?

    I don't see any evidence, no FEC listing, nothing but allegations. Links man, gotta have them.

    Eddie is a past candidate from the Alaska Independence Party, a party that promotes secession and sedition.

    That's not what Alaska needs.

  7. Barry, learn how to read. The links to the Claman and Selkregg donations are in the quotation from Burke's press release. And I support Palin giving money to like minded people no matter where they are on the political spectrum. It's not her fault that all Dems are a bunch of liberal big government statists. Knock the crap, dude.

    Treadwell is playing all sides and you know it.

  8. I can read Pat.

    Now cite an original source. It's the "right" thing to do.

    You seem to suffer from a double standard, comments must provide citations, while you just regurgitate unsubstantiated jibberish.

    Facts are facts, Eddie is the only candidate that has called for secession and also been convicted of assault. You might feel different if it had been your wife he had grabbed.

  9. "(Defense attorney Carmen) Gutierrez argued that Burke, 32, should be given credit for all the good deeds he has done, which include fund raising for the Special Olympics, volunteering for the Chamber of Commerce and giving free turkeys to the needy on Christmas Eve.

    'He’s been punished,' she said. 'It will take him years to overcome the humiliation.'

    'I’ve prepared a statement, your honor, and I’d like to read from it,' Burke said. But the businessman paused, looked down at the defense table and cried. After a brief break, he continued. He said he’s given up drinking.

    'If there’s a silver lining in this dark cloud, it is that I have learned my lesson,' Burke said. “By the grace of God, this courtroom will not see my face again.'

    Judge Motyka ordered Burke to write apology letters to the waitress and the bartender. If Burke complies with a host of conditions, including alcohol screening and an aggression-awareness program, the assault conviction will be wiped (emphasis mine)from his record."

    This is from a publication that leans your way politically, Barry.

    Now don't you think rehashing 1994 is a waste of time? Eddie has demonstrated his remorse and has done everything he said he was going to do to make it right. What more can you ask?

    You sanctimonious liberals don't talk about Obama's Resko deals or allegations of his affair with Vera Baker so quickly, now do you? It's like when Obama says "corpse-man" every liberal keyboard freezes and you don't hear a word. But Palin says "refudiate" and all of a sudden every liberal in America is either an expert on the English language or the keeper of the English language.

    Let's stick to the issues. Eddie is a true conservative. People like Bob Beckel on your side have done some pretty hideous things in the past, but he has repented and earned forgiveness.

    And Barry, I don't know you personally. But if you ever decided to run for public office are there skeletons in your closet that you may not want out there?

    People are not perfect. What's in play here are the issues, not a stupid thing that Eddie regrets from 1994 (16 years ago! 16!).


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