Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Romper Room Update

To follow up on an earlier post, It's Romper Room In Obama-land, lets see how the children are acting after getting their way on health care reform. Those who have children know that they will be persistent. They will bug you and bug you until they get that new toy they want. No matter how much you say no, they somehow find a way. After tugging on the pant leg, whining, crying, kicking, screaming and carrying on like children will, they finally got their new toy (look mommy, comes complete with abortions and death panels!).

Today's bill signing looked more like the after party at a Guns and Roses concert than it did a ceremonial bill signing, you know that thing that past presidents did with gratitude and reverence. With such a close vote on such a hotly contested issue in which the politicians in Washingtons were basically split down the middle and the American people overwhelmingly against, you would think they would save the gloating for something more bi-partisan, like killing Osama bin Laden or solving the nuclear Iran problem.

Trot out "Say it ain't so, Joe" to add to the noise of children running around the playground screaming and laughing. Yes, Joe, this is a big f--king deal. And the grown ups are f--king pissed. So if the kids want to run around out of control and with no supervision for now, that's fine.

Come November, the grown ups are coming home. Enjoy it while you can, kiddies.

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